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Episode 55: Nick Bare - Former Army Officer & Founder of Bare Performance Nutrition



I'm up the kitchen making coffee Taking my morning supplements and I'm on the computer right away. Just catching up with admin stuff so I like to do the first hour and a half of every morning knocking out as much admin stuff as possible so that when I get to the office I'll try and get the office around seven. Am That I can focus on self the team the team working one longer range operations if you will so I can knock out all my like kind of admin stuff right away lately. My routine has been a wake up the garage hop in the ice bath ice bath for three minutes. Now that's like four shots express L. Yeah to the face and I'm going to go for the day. Are you prepping that the night before what is back now so I actually? I made one in the garage. I bought a frigiere. Fourteen cubic foot deep chest freezer sealed all the inner linings shoulder. Water turned into one for a few days and it gets down to like thirty four degrees. And then I'll unplug it and let it sit there until starts getting warm plug it in. Unplug it kind of control. That way. They'll oppose pumping there to remove water filter out but for my training right now. The ice bath has been game changing from an inflammation standpoint. Right so like more so it has improved my ability to recover in trained faster the next day. I can tell a big difference. So you're doing this first thing in the morning first thing more unless it's a unless I have twenty plus mile run that day. I'll do it a few hours after that run. Yeah I'M NOT THAT'S MY I. Guess my intuition. The next question is why not do it? as as kind of an ice bath recovery way. Why first thing in the morning so multiple reasons one. You don't want to do it right after the exercise because you want those muscles to adapt you. Don't WanNa stunned that hypertrophy for me in the morning. It's it's like a discipline thing. It's a mental thing. The last thing I want to do when I wake up especially in the colder months is going to the garage. Get Naked and get into a thirty degree. Thirty five degree body of water. So it's like overcoming that I think that don't want to do in the morning sets the president's for us to my day every other decision is almost just a little bit easier things that I want to do and then it Kinda starts. My off wakes me up. I feel good fresh. My legs feel fresh. I can yesterday was my first day in for being in for a week just because we were travelling and whatnot and I got in and I instantly feel my legs ache. Become fresher feeling better instantly. Does your fiancee ever get an early. Got Her to go once for video now she won't do it Of course Seeing you getting into cold water first thing in the morning it looks like a button on a fur coat. I'm sure to right. Absolutely no not at all. Did she fuck and scream and she got in or choose freaking out. I convinced her eventually. Just do it for for a video of it. Yeah and tries but she finally did it. Yeah that's fucking great so in terms of your childhood I I went through the book. And I you know from reading that you're from Pennsylvania and grew up on a dairy farm curious. There seems to be a lot of Both influence and and kind of inflection of of how you grew up. And where and what you did and how. That's really built into a lot of the things that you kind of embody today. I'd love free to kind of talk a little bit about your upbringing You know similarly to how you did in the book but just kind of a synopsis of of where it was and and And and what you took from that for for the Listener. That hasn't had checked out the book yet. Yes I grew up in central Pennsylvania Small town called Palmira right outside Hershey and at the time growing up. I didn't think I had a very dynamic or different upbringing when you're when you're in it you really can't especially young can't look back and have a perspective that's greater or larger and my Dad's side of the family were all farmers everyone. Everyone's had a farm. My Dad grew up on a dairy farm. Ain't a former. It's a unique breed of person in family because there's people at the farmer's life there's there's no indications especially dairy farming your milk in the morning and look in the evening there's no questions about their life is determined by the weather the seasons the crop in seeing the discipline like my dad. My uncle my grandfather had grown up in. Just it wasn't something that teach me. Tell me I just watched it experience right so I had that side of the family. My Dad's side all farmers my mom's side a lot of the men Military and this is the reason I decided to join the military. I watched you know I was in high school in. My cousin was one hundred. I and I saw him coming back and forth from deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and I just saw the way he changed. The person we developed kind of way grew up as soon as I saw that I instantly. I wanted that experience to some extent so I grew up with these two very strongly different but same type of discipline mind-sets that. I would say more than me to to do the things that I wanted to do. But it was expectation this the standard. That was already established as growing up. That was that's a higher than most people experience. Yeah and it was. It was his baseline that I was running off of. So did you get out there. I mean were you with Your Dad Most days everyday minted. Did you help out from from what age so I personally growth on the form? A GRANDPA had to form dad grip on the form. I would help doing jobs like my GRANDPA. Give me a job belan. Hey or give me a job like Phil chicken houses stuff like that so I would work. Random jobs on farms growing up. I was never. I didn't grow up actually on the form with him but I saw the way my my grandfather extended family dad kind of did as as I was growing up in terms of the on your mom's side with the military what what was their kind of response Or reaction to decide to go in super supportive. I mean obviously my mom choose nervous. I wanted to go in My uncle was a huge role. Model for me You know he was a lieutenant colonel in the army infantry officer so I saw the way he just his his presence was always different to me. My grandfather was an air force Cousin is the army so like the sport was always there from from the entire family. And I don't WanNa say it was expected but it was almost like there. There wasn't supposed to be a generational gap and I told him with an obligation to not let that gap happen. Do have siblings younger brother to do you sir. And he didn't go he. He actually works with me now in the business. Oh could ever bust his balls for not going in all the time all the time but it wasn't it wasn't for him yeah So if you could kind of reduce the experience of seeing seeing your your dad in just that side of your family Doing what they did on the farm as there is one thing that sticks out that From a life lesson standpoint that that you'll learn from that yes I'd say that entire side of the.

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Episode 55: Nick Bare - Former Army Officer & Founder of Bare Performance Nutrition

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