Best (Airline) Credit Card Rewards Program: Part 3


My name is Don Meyer in my name is Aaron Meyer. And thank you once again for joining us this week. Thanks for continuing to join US week after week. We really appreciate your support. We hope you're finding it useful if anything especially in today's interesting time so you know. We can all benefit from a nice little distraction. But even more so. I think you know what we've been talking about. The last few weeks have been around the different credit card programs. The different options that you have for the different loyalty programs and I think you know in light of what's going on. We are going to get through. This life will continue to you. Know or we'll find a way to get back to normal and we'll have an opportunity to go back and start traveling again so it's really a good opportunity to take a look and see what's out there. You know realistically what programs are available. What different options you have for different loyalty programs do some research and you know which program works the best for you. Exactly what you after. And in a what you value the most and then last episode we talked about that could be the access to lounges at the airport. Because you travel so much or it could be the two programs that we highlight it. Ultimate rewards a membership rewards with American Express where they have flexibility to turn to point into either the airline or the hotel motels days or even the gift cards at Cetera right global entry and stuff like that is where the hundred dollar credit towards global entry fee and whatnot. So there's no one credit card that fits all needs type of a situation I think and and I use to avoid anything with a annual fee right no way but if you really do a lot more research many of the benefits that come with certain credit cards is actually councils off most of the annual fee and again if you are if you spend on certain categories a lot and if you can find a credit card that can offer the most benefits in that category with the travel industry or It could be dining and restaurant. You know that sort of categories you spend the most. They're they're just credit card that caters to those specific span categories. So just the knowing which credit card offers you the most value. I'm beginning to think the credit cards with high annual fees. Sometimes sometimes you pay off so especially now you know since we are spending a good amount on food in particular A great opportunity to sign up for some of those rewards programs that offer you additional miles every meal purchase or grocery store or visited that we do so you know. It's a really good time to take a look and see what's out there in. We're we're doing some research here. We figured we'd share some of that with you right so last week. We touched on a it. Was the hotel site of last week. We kinda came back from a couple of weeks changing travel plans and all that sort of thing. We're little little disheveled to say the least adjusting. Yeah Ted started a new segment around the drink of the week which will get into. Yes we're going to start off with that. But the last episode prior to the Shutdown. Everything was around. You're right the hotel rewards programs that we were highlighting. Yes so we are going to talk about airlines today. Yeah but first. We promised last week. We're going to start off with with our recipe of the week this week. Wow Okay well. You know after some much deserved enjoyment in in relaxation with the Margaritas. This week we're going to take a little bit of a detour. I hope you guys enjoyed that recipe because I really think that's a really fresh and that locale per se but not that syrupy-sweet nonsense. It's you'll find most of the places. God Yeah really good this week. We'RE GOING TO SHIFT GEARS. And we're GONNA take a vodka based approach to a Martini. Vodka Vodka. Yes but a little bit of a twist on on the Martini. We're GONNA talk about an Espresso Martini. Something that you had discovered not too long ago. That's a new favorite of mine. And what how I was looking so so how it came about was that we are in Santa Cruz. And it's a beach town and we sat down and have late launch or whatever and this restaurant call ideal bar and grill. It's red at the end of the boardwalk right before the peer right that goes and it's the restaurant in a corner and overlooking the ocean and all the lady across from me was this IC- I mean pretty Martini lady was. She had the glass in front of a year. What did I say you said? The lady in front of you was an icy Martini and I was like oh I know where your mind was. I'm sorry but she was having a cocktail. Oh my God that looks so yummy. It was kind of like a frosty the condensation and then also the. I think it didn't have like it. Wasn't the ice. Noone really way strain very well but they had streaks of chocolate syrup but it looked good and was a chocolate espresso. Martini and I wanted to try. I didn't try them because I was having Margarita that day and it looks so good and then the minute that I try at. Actually the other restaurants I've been a testing it out different restaurants. It'd be before the restaurant shutdown. It tastes so good so I ask my bartender to make version for me right exactly and then so. Let's go through the ingredients. Perfect perfect so. I'm not going to do the chocolate version of as a little sweet for my taste. It's going to add a lot more calories and it's like drinking a milkshake so it's not bad. I mean but in in light of all the other foods and things like that. That were were consuming. Now we're a little bit more sedentary. Cut Back a little bit on the calories and try something a little bit less syrupy sweet if you will so the ingredients that we're going to start off with. Is Vodka Vodka is the primary ingredient for any type of Martini? In this case we're going to use our favorite vodka which is one several absolute a lot. We use. What's what's the hangar. One we use it and I like hanging ruined a lot as well so we used a very just a regular hangar. One Vodka no flavors to it whatsoever. I'm at vodka for those of you don't know it's a grain alcohol It is usually about forty percent is the average you'll get from a bottle. It's about eighty proof if you will and it is clear it is odorless and it's tasteless if it's really really good and it's really highly refined very well. Filtered makes it really really good the only thing you can really taste from vodka's the nice warmth that you get when you consume dangerous. It can be dangerous because it's Kinda tasteless now. I don't know but it's also versatile you can put like a juice and exactly. That's what makes us over still because there is no such a cool with it. Plays well with other CSI premium liquor. We kill one. Grey Goose Grey. Goose is also another good one is well hang is not bad but if you know your your standards in one of the ones that I really go to all the time as smirnoff I can't go wrong with smirnoff. It's a really really good. Vodka and absolute is also quite good as well so start off with regular vodka and we are going to put it in a Shaker with ice now before you do this one of the cool things that you should do is grab your Martini Glass. Or whatever glass. You're going to consume this poor some ice into it. I then put some water in it and set it aside the reason we're going to do that. That's going to chill the glass for us so we're ready to go cooler. I mean can you can pretty dairy fridge if you didn't do that and you wanted to be able to consume it right away. Pour some ice into the glass. Put some water in a glass. Set It aside while you're mixing up your drink that Oh cool off the glass just enough to where you get that condensation on the makes a difference. I watch you do that. And it makes such a difference because before when when I try to mimic it right. I don't do that and it's like you can't put the glasses on right away. Exactly right you can put your glasses in the freezer. I tend to forget things. I'll walk away from it and now that we've broken Glazunov not getting done it once or twice so start off with the froze or a nice frosty glass. So keep that aside now we're gonNA take jigger of vodka which is I think about two ounces. We're GonNa pour that into our shaker. Which already got into it. The next thing is a full glass of. I WANNA be able to get the the coolness from it. Oh that's right. The next ingredient is Qaluwa and Colusa for the no is a coffee flavored liqueur that comes from from Mexico it contains Rum Sugar Vanilla bean and Arabic coffee. I don't know if you knew that high knew how yes. It's a great drink to just drink as an apparently for just a little bit ice cool glass on a nice kind of I dunno. Beach Day kind of thing. It's just a really nice drink to

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