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Slice of what life is like at the zoo then because so many people are getting used to the new normal of working from home but if you're a zookeeper you can't really zoom in to deal with the penguins Scania no you can't yes so of course at this point what we're calling like level four for our staff is only essential personnel are reporting to work and as you replied that's primarily animal care staff at our animal health teams are handful of security staff and and my handful of others so the life of the shoes very quiet right now for animals so we're maintaining you know the same level of welfare and care as we always have their kids in their days are just a little bit shorter with regards to contact a human so animal staff are coming in every single day for the most part doing most everything that they use to do but probably only working four to six hours instead of eight hours well Michael I love what you're doing with Facebook it's a great way to visit the zoo all these videos that are being posted without actually having to go yeah I mean we want to stay connected so hash tag bring the Saint Louis zoo to you is something really important to us and you know all the cultural institutions are doing it but but you can imagine I mean how much of our social media feeds were getting so much more response now than we ever had because you know like you and me were a lot of people are at home looking for diversions asking for learning opportunities so we are keeping our education staff and our P. R. and our marketing staff very busy doing those sorts of things Michael may sec the director of the Saint Louis zoo thank you so much for sharing your time with us this morning we appreciate it my pleasure Michael joining us on the TDK technologies newsmaker lines on cable it doesn't

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