World’s nurses are ‘stepping up’ to Covid-19 crisis


Out there was already a worldwide shortage of around six million nesses before the covert nineteen pandemic stasis now the international council of nurses which represents twenty million around the world has told the BBC them members are facing unprecedented physical and psychological challenges the BBC's global health correspondent Sheila Musonda reports president one who lied to the world health care workers are putting their lives at risk to protect our China was the first country to face the full force of cave eight nineteen South Korea followed soon after health workers have been sending us videos from that clinics from all over the world sung hoon who is a nurse working in G. Ong sung woo though in South Korea so what you gonna going eleven when caring for patients we must wear full body protection to Lesvos shoes gloves mosques and go in five minutes the whole body is drenched in sweat it becomes hard to catch us the U. S. is the latest country to be hit hard by this pandemic with more cases now than anywhere else in the world and Europe has been at the epicenter of this outbreak for more than two weeks now custom vows because Valencia is a nurse working in Spain's capital Madrid some of the most common we are at war with totally invisible enemy we are fighting for everyone and trying not to get hurt ourselves we feel like we are the spearhead in this bustling intent on in the northern Italian city of Pocomoke health workers are awfully overwhelmed physically Venus Williams is working in a hospital there and says one of the hardest parts of her job is speaking to desperate families who are unable to see their loved ones our efforts I'm not a worthy cause detox terms sometimes another issue is the interaction with the family member the contact is mediated by phone we received a call asking for updates they never can see their vaccines and exactly as we were how much pain and suffering we can proceed throughout the whole season had a sign on the phone all this as the world faces a chronic shortage of crucial personal protective equipment for health workers the world health organisation says globally the response requires around eighty nine million medical masks and seventy six million gloves each month how would cuts in from the international council of nurses as healthcare workers need to be much better supported as always nurses are stepping up their saving lives but they're putting themselves often sacrificing themselves ahead of other people I'm that is not possible to continue in the long term and if we don't properly look after our health workforce softer on us is if we exhaust vent them my fear is that this will make the virus works there is no global tally of the number of infected healthcare workers in China the government says more than three thousand have been infected and at least twenty two medics have died Spanish officials say around thirteen percent of all those infected in the country all health care workers in Italy it's around nine percent of all those infected I was treated Muslims are

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