Los Angeles - Ventura County Church Moves Forward With Palm Sunday Communion Despite Coronavirus Pandemic


Neighbors neighbors protested protested outside outside of of insurer insurer county county church church Sunday Sunday when when it it violated violated state state and and local local state state home home orders orders they they open open to to the the public public for for communion communion on on Palm Palm Sunday a line of people stretched outside the front of god speak Calvary chapel in Newbury park some people wore masks others didn't to relegate the church as nonessential that's a violation of our first amendment rights in the parking lot some pretty upset neighbors these people are in our community and they may be willing to risk their own health but I think it's very selfish that they're risking the health of others I think this is just a cheap publicity stunt of inter county sheriff's captain told KNX they allowed the church service to go on because they were practicing social distancing and disinfectant Godspeed pastor rob McCoy resigned from the thousand oaks city council just hours before and I understand not everyone holds to my faith but this is critical to us and it is essential to our faith and we have the first amendment during the two hours the church was open to the public dozens if not hundreds of people went in and took communion

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