Trump Isn't Trying to Bring Down Bernie Sanders—Yet


Seems pretty obvious. That president trump would prefer senator sanders as the nominee of maybe against him The reason I say that is because he obviously has been sort of trying to Via his twitter account stir up chaos inside the Democratic Party which is quite good at by targeting everybody except for senators and suggesting senator supporters that they're going to be robbed of the nomination only by the democratic upper echelon. It seems that the number ones you agree with that characterization that that's what trump wants maybe. I don't know I I wouldn't I wouldn't say full-throated though because I've seen president trump you know in interviews and Thomas out with him have a amount of hesitancy by saying. Oh yeah all in. Let's run against Bernie. I think Bernie could be trump. I think it's really hard to run against free. And I think the media would go out for especially the younger journalist Marxist activists class. They'd be more excited than ever to try to paint him as the salvation. That America Needs Bloomberg or Bernie. Who had Hollywood go all in more for think Bernie for sure? I think I don't know how much currency that has in Wisconsin but it can make some impact Probably from a philosophical choice. I would much rather run against burning. Because I think he embodies. Actually the Democrat Party is trying to do But terrifies me. It terrifies me because anyone could win right and I you and I agree with this any major party. Nominee could could conceivably be. The president learned the hard way in two thousand sixteen. After I lost ten thousand dollars betting against the president. So there you have it yet and so you start from you start from a baseline basically forty to forty two percent right. I mean that's just that's just the way it is electoral college. You're not running for president in La County so it's not going to happen or not running for President Manhattan so Bernie. Sanders could become President United States. That should horrify. Everyone listening to or watching this

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