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Nik Wallenda walks on tightrope across active volcano in Nicaragua


My being today was V. for Nicole and the high wire tightrope locker who ABC was floating that was last night ad nauseam yes it was last night ABC is promoting this ad nauseam about this a volcano in Nicaragua or is Donna says it needs I think this is happened before and it's a recurring beef that I have to present of nik Wallenda he does this amazing stunt of crossing over this active volcanoes historic he's the first person to ever do this crossing a volcano in active volcanoes lava below him toxic plumes of smoke wafting in the air it's hot it's risky who knows what's gonna happen and of course he has a safety harness side so if he falls everything's gonna be just fine just like let's see if I have the guts just to do it but I won't die corrects well we can't have somebody dying before our eyes I cannot but that but there is like a delay button they can right yeah you know you can use the same way as he crossed something like Niagara Falls and he had a harness on for that young Niagara Falls and he's great on hand in Grand Canyon is also I believe you do not have a harness on for the Grand Canyon but there is an act below him while his wife is performing some hula hoop thing she left yes she was the opening act yes use ours as well she was the opening act I mean look but you see this video of what she's doing whole leaf pocket yeah she doesn't cirque de soleil stuck out like a gas masks on yes so all that wonderful don't promote don't promote it though as if he's that he's going to fall too is that you're being okay yeah let me tell you why he has a harness on rain here is what I've just read let's hear his group Karl Wallenda his great grandfather plummeted to his death in nineteen seventy eight while tight rope walking between two towers without safety equipment and San Juan Puerto Rico sell he doesn't want to die of course and I know that has to happen he has to have a heart is but don't promote it as if he's going to fall to his doom and then after were word talk about it as if he just yelled risked life and limb in his everything for crossing this tight rope that he chose to do I wonder if like that if the harness though it's kind of like a bungee cord just snapshot yeah yeah it actually has got like a like a button that they push you to be a bungee it would have to wait another ration probably you actions a lamb hi can you imagine even on a harness falling into that volcano nothing I hope it catches me I say there is nothing about that that interests me like when they're promoting it unlike yeah who cares well that's if you don't have a hard is I would be watching that immediately can we listen to a little bit odd couple of the clips sure this is him successfully after he just walked over the volcano it is amazing that my god at a ridiculously afternoon again again your whole family is there very strong draft right there what you see in did you know he's getting belted but it went right right there in the middle I don't think that storm actually started to burn I'm just hoping to make it on SportsCenter what's

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Nik Wallenda walks on tightrope across active volcano in Nicaragua

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