Gini Dietrich talks PESO and Spin Sucks


Good Morning Welcome to marketing over coffee. I'm John Wall Today. We're GONNA be talking about PR marketing measuring everything. The peso model and the person behind peso is ginny dietrich. She's the founder and CEO of Spin Sucks and hosted. The sprint sucks podcast. She's run grown an agency over the past fourteen years and also co author of marketing in the Round Ginny. Dietrich thanks for joining us today. I wish people could see you because your hands are like I do. Oh that's a whole new thing to we're doing squad. Cast is a new tool that I've tried and we were on caster forever and then caster is like good most of the time. The thing squad cat has been a little bit better like the sounds a little bit better. But it's also been wonky. I'd had one or two fail so the backup recorder the bet. Yes we live and die by the backup and people are like to teach the batteries on the yes. We need to change the batteries. Let's start though for people who don't know you. I. It's funny too. I was thinking I was like. Why hasn't she been on so much earlier? Funny you're like. Would you like to be gassed? And it was like cheese John. I thought you'd never ask. I mean it's only been like fifteen years Bamut it's been for at least came up with the reason. I figured out what the deal was. So much of what you do is groundbreaking and cutting edge stuff in measurement and stats and we have a guy who's I will tell the story really quickly. I was on a conference call yesterday with web in. Its but they told me that they are data scientists like Oh really. We'll tell me more. I started to ask questions so then I said we'll do you know Christopher Penn and they're like no no who that is. I'll just you that we're done. We're out here. No data scientists. Y'All know Christopher pen was going with that we gotta get back on measurement arm. Okay so tell us about what you do for sprint. Sucks though you have a picture. What's your what's your your pitch. Oh okay so it's been sucks. You know it started as a blog in two thousand six in. It was a complete and utter disaster. And Truth be told. I have zero idea why we kept going because for the first three years it was a whole but I think there wasn't anything to compare it to an so we just kept going and it literally took three years before we started to go. Well I get how this digital marketing thing works in how blogging fits into it and so from there. It became a book. I did a ton of speaking in marketing. The book traveling the world and Blah Blah Blah Blah. And then. I had a small one and decided I needed to stay home at not needed to wanted to. So we looked at how we could take the things that we teach at a theoretical level on spin sucks and dignity into a practical level and do that professional development so today we had this been six academy which does online courses coaching. And so you you've been able to transition from agency running this for everybody to giving people the you know the teaching a man how to fish kind of thing. Yeah A. N. we've really gone from the agency. Side Does B. Two B. Manufacturing communication since we've gone from that and we still do that but more into teaching communicators that just the theory that the practice. Okay and then the cornerstone of this. Well I say it's the cornerstone but you could tell me otherwise there but peso the whole idea behind being the measure. What's going on and kind of your pr? And you're all the way across all your digital marketing tells more about that based on model is this is sort of like the blog like it just came out of something and became something that. I didn't anticipate it was the process that we used internally at the agency and we were using paid earned. Sheridan owned media. But we were calling it that we were certainly doing content in social end some search engine marketing and of course media relations reputation in thought leadership and all that kind of stuff and we had a process but we named it and so when. I wrote the book. The publisher said to me He. Can you put a name to this and create a diagram so we sat in a conference room when we just started putting things up on the whiteboard to see what we could come up with and we went back and forth because we we believe that you should start with content with owned media and go to earned or shared and then paid and so you know but that acronym work all ESPN OS EP? It just didn't work and finally were like wait a works so one of the arguments get from communicators as we never start with paid media and I agree. We don't so you don't have to start paid media because of the acronym is in that order but what that's what we did so I named the peso model at that time the ACO model existed. You know people were talking about insured on but they hadn't added that the pay pieces especially in our industry and then I had a designer design a graphic and it just went. I mean took off if I had realized that it was going to do that. I would've put some more strategic into it but I didn't I mean it was literally because my publisher said. Can you put a name to this? End Critic right right and bundled up. That's the thing that everybody misses. I mean is that it's so easy to create these models and and do all this analysis but if you can't bundle it up into something easy to remember you know it's your. It's it's only going to be adopted by the people that exercise and eat right. They're the only ones that have the discipline to like. Dig It all this whereas you can throw peso at anybody and they now. Suddenly you've unlocked their world for them. Yeah and the end. They use it as a planning tool. They use it as a measurement tool they use it. You know it presentations. They use it with clients to say. Hey listen we can use this model to demonstrate results and it's it has changed the world for PR industry for Short

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