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California family left homeless after parents lose their jobs


More than a million children in this country are homeless CBS news on American destination tells the story of one California family struggle here's correspondent Peter king seven year old haven't headings wishes she could live in a real home ideal but it shows you don't have enough money that's it eighty five percent of the children in her school district LA unified live in poverty her mother Kristin says she never expected her family to become homeless it happened after she and her husband lost jobs and she's learned learn to take it out of anyone the endings family lives in a motel in a high crime area unfortunately we have experience child abduction we have experienced domestic violence Maddie Flores helps homeless families in Los Angeles he says their situation is abusive I would say but common school district is provided housing vouchers for families but many landlords won't rent to them six year old kai Eddings has just one wish kings C. B. S.

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