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To pop up on the radar just a little bit in the southern portion of the W. I. B. C. listening area and throughout the evening tonight because of the warmer temperatures temperatures in the sixties you might see some pop up rain and unfortunately rain in the forecast for tonight tomorrow and Saturday so hopefully got a chance to get outside and enjoy some of the temperatures before the rain came down all right now we are looking at sixty three degrees at the American standard delivery you loading up on things from Walmart I use my new Capital One moment rewards card it is unlimited five percent back on everything I buy from Walmart online see what's five percent back five percent what with the Capital One Walmart rewards card earns unlimited rewards including five percent back at Walmart on mine on top of America everyday low prices what's in your wallet Capital One gunning it starts small no soy milk almond is fine okay but then your boss tells you to switch offices with Jeff but and when buying a car you know you have to come what about the all new Nissan Sentra it's radically redesigned with zero gravity seats a quilted leather interior and it has the most added safety features in its class so no compromise them

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