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First let's talk about how our government officials are describing a drug called chloroquine. This has been something that's been around for many years. Been phenomenon strong powerful drug for malaria. But we think it might work on. This chloroquine is used to treat malaria and has been around for decades but it has not been approved as a treatment for the corona virus. Here's C. N. N.'s medical analysts and infectious disease specialist. Dr Selene Gander. This is not a slam dunk. This is early promising research. But that doesn't mean this is GonNa work. The president also tweeted over the weekend. That a related drug hydroxy chloroquine in combination with an antibiotic commonly known as Z pack. Could become game changers. This is largely based on a small study in France that excluded some people who either left the hospital stopped taking the drug due to side effects or got worse including one person who died. We still don't have enough evidence that these drugs are effective in humans. That's why in some states. They are beginning to experiment. Hydroxy chloroquine which the president speaks about his optimistic about and we hope for optimistic results. Also were actually starting back today. That's New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He recently announced that the state had procured thousands of doses of chloroquine hydroxy chloroquine and would begin trials. Starting Tuesday the state will begin testing another experimental treatment using the plasma of people who have recovered. It's called convalescent. Serum what it does is it takes the plasma from a person who has been infected with the virus processes the plasma and injects the antibodies into a person who is sick. The other drug name being floated around is an antiviral called. Ramda's Aveer it's already been tested on adults diagnosed with the krona virus in the United States and China director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr Robert Redfield discuss trimmed reservoir in congressional testimony earlier this month. We're GONNA know probably by April whether that drug works or not and that's important because that's a drug that can save lives if it works. Gilead Sciences which manufacturers Davir is pulling back on emergency requests for the drug due to overwhelming demand. The company is instead focusing. Its efforts on giving out the drug in clinical trials hoping to prove its effectiveness against Kovic. Nineteen I want to reiterate that we don't know how effective any of these treatments will be while a number of patients have already received drugs like chloroquine and Rim desert. It's too early to know how much of an impact the drugs actually had. That's why doctors are conducting studies in the United States China. And all over the world to better understand what happens when you give these drugs to a covert patient. Getting the results could take months. And in the meantime we have to be careful about creating false hope. A man in Arizona has died. After ingesting. Chloroquine phosphate believing that it would prevent him from contracting virus. Banner Health a company that operates acute care. Hospitals released a statement on Monday confirming that a man in Arizona had died. After taking a form of chloroquine used to clean aquariums. His wife is currently in critical care. Nbc News spoke to the wife who said they learned of the drugs connection to corona virus during a news conference on TV in Nigeria. Health officials issued a warning about chloroquine saying three people overdosed on the drug after hearing it described as a possible treatment. I can't stress enough. How vital it is that you don't use or consume anything unless specifically recommended by your doctor. You are likely to soon hear other drug names mentioned as well Nevin Creggan. A senior investigator at the Gladstone Institute of Data Science and Biotechnology in San Francisco worked on a study published last weekend that identified sixty nine existing drugs that could be tested against the corona virus in total. We identified three hundred thirty two proteins talking to or connected to the corner viral proteins and we identified a sixty nine different drugs and compounds that are known to target at least one of these three hundred thirty two a proteins and this corresponds to twenty seven different. Fda approved drugs and the remaining are in clinical or preclinical. Trials Croghan said testing out drugs. That are already. Fda approved could drastically speed up the process of finding a treatment that is safe and effective for humans. And then there's the prospect of a vaccine experts. Say One wouldn't be ready this year. Vaccine Trials take months or years in order to be proven safe and effective for humans and there are multiple stages of those trials but Grogan is optimistic that the global response from scientists now will set a precedent for getting to a solution faster in the future for me. I would argue. That will be seen as a new carradine of how to do science. And I hope we're setting up an infrastructure here that could be beneficial not just for covert nineteen but for the future for covert twenty two Kobe. Twenty four or whatever virus comes online over the next several years and they will be coming our best protection for now social distancing washing our hands looking out for ourselves and our loved ones trying to help out wherever we can and behaving like we might have the virus.

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