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To be on colonial drive we had an earlier crashed with an accident investigation is just east of Avalon park Boulevard but as of right now that roadway still shut down looks like their detour traffic on the lake Pickett and then up to Tanner it's going to be heavy through there but that'll get you back down to colonial past decided that earlier wrecked I four looks good through downtown both directions I don't see any problems there still clear to crash over in winter garden on colonialist ninth honesty integrity and a hundred percent satisfaction protek air conditioning and plumbing services online at protek

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They have a service technician near you

Orlando's Evening News 2 months ago

On the Florida homes and garden

Florida Home and Garden 13 hrs ago

Stating that all the T. will remain shut down right around land street road up towards sand Lake Road

Orlando's News at Noon 1 d ago

Six point five W. DPO it is

Orlando's News at Noon 1 d ago

Visit your roof guy dot com your roof guy dot com

Orlando's News at Noon 2 d ago

Extra few minutes through there then once you get downtown you're going to get the latest

Sean Hannity 4 d ago

Officer And Los Vegas discussed on Orlando's Morning News

Orlando's Morning News 4 d ago

This is happening at a time of other injustices C. I know from director ray

Dana Loesch 5 d ago