Coronavirus travel: Visitor quarantine in Florida, Hawaii, and Alaska


I just saw this that big vacation states like Florida Hawaii Alaska are saying there's a visitor quarantine tell us what that means well it is a record here it basically means if you show up in a hole I will treat you to stroll by ship or by air or you drive to Florida or fly to Florida same thing with Alaska you're really going to a self imposed fourteen day quarantine but but it's it's not not eating differently when you think about it then you know bring in illegal fruits and vegetables you are the illegal fruit and vegetable in this case so please don't go they came into a little bit late they should have done a little earlier but there's a reason now why airlines like Ryanair is no longer flying to the mainland and then they basically cut out all their service in the in the same thing will soon happen at least in terms of flights down requested between where I am right now in New York and Florida so you know it's interesting because you also heard Florida governor Ron DeSantis talk he issued an executive order it initially was criticized for not forgiving the beach is open for spring break but now he's saying if you're gonna fly in from New York New Jersey or Connecticut you need to self isolate for fourteen days because they're seeing people from New York which is the epicentre in America of this virus right now travel down to Florida to try to get out of the big city where people are on top of each other it makes sense but they are trying to make sure that it doesn't cause a problem there well good luck enforcing that show quarantine says who who's gonna stop in and stop me what they really should do and it's going to happen very soon take a look what's going on in New York in the governor's order here on the governor's order in California and your own governor Eloy sooner or later every state's going to have to do this tomorrow how many cases there reporting because the food was good but what I'm understanding is worries whether but maybe been so few cases reported in what states would say like West Virginia is because they don't have the testing done where you have testing the obvious you're gonna have more cases reported but in terms of how it relates to travel what we're really looking at now it's on the drawing board no announcements have been made is a possible shutdown of domestic air service in this country yeah and the number the airlines would love to have that happen simply because from an economic point of view they can't sustain the traffic loads they're getting a fair averaging only twenty five percent load factors on their flights the reason why the airlines are continuing to fly domestically has nothing to do with us it has to do with how the airlines gotten business when I first started back in the nineteen thirties it's called hall in the U. S. mail and if they can come up with an alternative to do that then there's every reason to believe they're going to try to shut down that service completely enough American Airlines converted one other passenger planes to do is go to an all cargo plane and for the first time in thirty years American Airlines actually flew a cargo flight because most the time when they're taking in the mail it's in the same baggage holds your luggage and thought about that it's some interesting to see our people still flying I mean you file the times you've been on a plane recently I have not I'm I'm heating the governor's order I'm I'm I'm staying in place yesterday I'll give you an example delta air lines's park six hundred airplanes so many planes parked you literally had to close a runway in Atlanta just to hold the planes that were parked up and yet yesterday JFK whatever flights are operated by delta we're averaging about thirty percent load factor that is funny actually unsustainable so the answers to your question yes there are people flying but not very many that the TSA has reported you'll love this and eighty six percent drop in the number of passengers screened for the first time if anybody does fly no long lines of the TSA but you know that's an unintended consequence I'm sure yeah kind it is and I I guess people who are already have bought their travel they they bought their tickets to a cruise or airline of the already planned travel for spring or summer what do you advising those folks to do you're hanging on to those tickets you know you're you're you're wondering maybe even a week or two ago you thought you'd still take that trip now looking less certain well let's be realistic here in terms of time frame if you're holding a ticket for anything now between now and may fifteenth or even may thirtieth your flight your cruise is probably not going to go now the airlines will tell you at this moment because their computers have been reprogrammed that that April twenty first flight is still scheduled to go well you know what the Titanic was still scheduled but the bottom line here is as we get closer to those dates and we haven't really mitigated those of the virus curve those flights will cancel so my advice to everybody is if you're holding a ticket for anyone of those flights don't cancel it now because the airlines will then say you're canceling it based on your decision wait until the airlines cancel and then don't just settle for a voucher insist on a full refund because this was it your decision you didn't wake up one morning just capriciously decide you'd want to go the bottom line is you you you contracted for service you did not get you deserve a full refund because right now is that what's happening Peter if you if you tried to call up and say Hey I'm not gonna travel it end of April mid April whatever it is you we don't are you getting vouchers are you seeing people get refunds well it's a case by case one by airline cruise line by cruise line situation well given example of Southwest Airlines the original program in place it's been program put in place for years would be three basically put everything that you put let you pay for into a a separate fund and then you use that phone to fly for the next year but eventually the essentially with the with the once talk about now that the airlines are desperate to do what hold on to their cash however other airlines have been something else Qantas if they give you read that they give you a voucher now we'll give you a voucher worth ten percent more than what you paid for your ticket thank you your user ticket but let's be real here I'll give you an example in the city of Dallas I'm just using this as an example eighty seven percent of people who flew within Dallas who flew on American Airlines last year only for the airline once these are road warriors are frequent flyers their leisure travelers who say that their hard earned dollars to take that one annual trip why would you hold on their money per year that's just not fair it's not right so if you're listening to this right now and you're one of those people and the other one only once you do a voucher keep calling back ask for a supervisor or call my show when we didn't know it we will give you information on my show on Saturday as to how you can try to get that refund because right now this is totally unfair while the government is bailing out the airlines with cash why should the airlines bail you out I saw that that looks like of them so they there is a package I think their loans to the airlines not grants and that's what I've heard they did government can take stake in your company Boeing has said it doesn't want to accept any government stake so they may not even take the aid that's offered how do you feel about this whole package if you had a chance to take a look at it Peter I have been moved to start with the airlines for starters here I have no problem in defining the airlines as critical to our supply chain in this country and to our infrastructure travel and transportation and so if they're going to give them either these grants or these loans there's every reason to expect and to demand conditions and those conditions the way beyond without the eggs it is it was it was do stock buybacks it has to do with how do we move forward from this are we still gonna do these draconian well you know change please enter Conan rebooking flea season make everything non refundable and it's it's it's it's terrible thirty five billion dollars last year was earned by airlines just on ancillary fees and it had nothing to do with actually flying the airplane so bottom line here we need to see I don't think we will see right now because everybody's moving so quickly on this but sooner or later we need to see a consumer component of consumer protection component anything that's that that is attached to a financial bailout for the airline I would agree with that the other thing we keep that keeps coming up is people saying what if I get sick well it was so then this time when so many people are getting these unexpected illnesses what what what rights would you have with an airline to get a refund well first of all let's let's talk about travel insurance the travel insurance companies are very good at trying to get you to buy the insurance is actually go online to make your reservation otherwise hard to complete you can't complete the transaction unless you opt in or out to the insurance without understanding what it covers but most importantly without understanding what it doesn't cover and right now for example you can't get fire insurance after your second four catches fire and guaranteed that almost every travel insurance policy that's out there has an exclusion for pandemic so what we have to do now is we watch as the airlines on an almost daily basis start changing their refund policies from Detroit from trickled into Leicester cone into slightly less draconian and finally after much public outcry and I'll be leading that charge so it's actually fair and beneficial to you I like the way that sounds Peter Peter Greenberg always has the answers when it comes to travel and all things about it thank you Peter Hey John three to six you can hear him here on

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