The Story of Sam Hurd

Sports Criminals


Two thousand eleven Chicago. A black escalade cruised through the rainy night pulling up outside. A Morton steakhouse the car backed into a space beside the entrance and man stepped out. He approached the restaurant confident. But careful wary that someone might recognize him. His name was Sam heard wide receiver for the Chicago bears if the wrong people overheard his conversation tonight. His football career would immediately come to mind. Welcome to sports criminals. Apar- cast original. This is the twenty second episode in our March Madness special this month where counting down the top thirty one sports scandals from Nineteen Ninety to two thousand twenty. I'm Carter Roy and I'm Tim Johnson in today's episode. We're going back to two thousand eleven and the arrest of wide receiver. Sam Heard in July of two thousand eleven twenty six year old Sam heard signed with the Chicago bears as a free agent. The reserved wide receiver was known as a humble and God fearing man. Good player with a heart of gold. He was dedicated to giving back to the community donating significant portions of his earnings to local charities but only a few months after joining the bears. Everything came crashing down at around seven thirty five PM on December fourteenth. Two Thousand Eleven Sam entered. Morton steakhouse seated at table fifty four. He waited patiently for his guests to arrive to men entered one of them. A man going by the pseudonym. Havi air carried a cowboy hat in one hand and a white bag labeled happy birthday in the other. The other was a short man who was going by Carlos also not his real name. The men introduce themselves to Sam and sat at his table talking in hushed voices. The conversation lasted for seventy seven minutes and it was all recorded. The happy birthday bag contained a kilo of cocaine wrapped up under a small pile of tissue paper at the end of the conversation. Sam picked it up. As Sam stepped out of the steakhouse. He was surrounded by policemen arrested. He had been caught in a sting. Operation Heard was cut from the bears two days after his arrest though he was

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