Ezra Klein on America's Polarization Problem - burst 5

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Show studies about this When you take people who know a lot about politics very good at Looking at a question and finally answer they need to find when you hate people who don't know that much about politics. They often have more accurate perceptions of certain things like for instance did the economy improve or not improve under Bill Clinton They may do or. Don't like Bill Clinton. It's the people that ton of information who have an esoteric argument that they read in the National Review. For why the good economy was actually a bad economy. If you really understood it that kind of thing so partisan crew partisanship and pretty high levels of partisanship create a filter through which we understand and absorb information and that very much can take very smart people and it doesn't exactly I'm being a little globe. I it makes him stupid. What it does is. It uses their intelligence in the service of their political opinions. Not In the service of abstract truce-seeking which you know I mean. Think about people you know. Think about yourself this is. This is pretty obvious stuff I do think.

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