Canadian PM Trudeau says rail blockades have to end


Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau was forced to plead for patience as he dealt with blockades of rail lines across the country this week the disrupted shipments of everything from oil to passenger trains for more we go to Bloomberg Daniel vocals in Toronto thanks Bob rail traffic across Canada ground to a halt this week as protests against a natural gas pipeline in British Columbia stalled the flow of goods and created a crisis for the federal government Bloomberg's Kevin Orland joins me from Calgary Kevin thanks for coming on the show thanks for having me on the surface this is about one aboriginal community in BC which appears to be at odds even within itself over just one natural gas pipeline project how did things escalate so much further that's right so there is a group of the hereditary chief of the wet sweat and indigenous community in northern British Columbia that we had blockaded the coastal Gascoyne pipeline and stops workers from from building up pipeline really this month a couple dozen of them were arrested for these blockades so that that those arrested by some fairly dramatic footage and other environmental groups and and activists around the country sort of took up at college and have been protesting in solidarity with this thought that within the the what's what and tried and and how disruptive has all of this been economically so far both been pretty significant we had there was one estimate this week where an economist pared back his forecast for economic growth for the fourth quarter but point three of a percentage point down to one point five percent to one point eight percent so it's significant and this is also still early it depends on how long this lasts yeah obviously major disruptions for cargo passenger trains have been affected you know a number of of business leaders have been warning that this could be a major black eye for Canada's international reputation and in terms of whether or not we're seen as a good place to invest and do business you are an ex Pat living in Canada what do you make of that assertion well it it's it's it's hard to imagine that this doesn't give some investors pause when they're looking at with making decisions about whether to invest in Canada or or not you know already the energy industry here has been through some competitiveness challenges with opposition to oil pipelines that's really prevented the the dentistry here from expanding output and that's because a lot of you know foreign companies to sell out of the oil oil industry here we've at one point there was more than thirty billion and and the Canadian assets that were sold by foreign companies so it's hard to see how this would help that situation

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