The Sacramento Hostage Crisis Pt. 1



Resettled in a predominantly Vietnamese neighborhood in south Sacramento California in a two bedroom apartment. It was cramped but it felt like paradise after what they had all been through son win. Busily decorated the livingroom mantle with a few possessions that had survived the long journey including pictures of their ancestors in two miniature. South Vietnamese flags like most other refugees. They would rely on welfare benefits but boom was optimistic for his children especially his sons he pointed to president. Jimmy Carter as the perfect example of the American dream. If the son of a peanut farmer could become the leader of the free world. Just think with the son of a former soldier might achieve certain that the worst was over bem enrolled his children in public school. But this brought a whole slate of new difficulties to the family especially his three eldest sons Loy FEM and long. None of them knew English when they arrived. In America and overcoming their accent was nearly impossible especially for the oldest eleven year old loy. Lawing win was ten when he left his home in Vietnam. Normally easy natured. The long journey had made him more and more serious especially since his parents relied on him to help with his five younger siblings at the refugee camp still. That was a challenge. That law was used to nothing like the task of learning English in a new country. Loy was often bullied at school for his thick Vietnamese accent. Other children often called him. Charlie and other racial slurs that were popularized during the nineteen eighty s to several. Hollywood war blockbusters like apocalypse now and platoon. These names originated during the Vietnam War American. Gi's would call North Vietnamese soldiers the Viet Cong or simply. Vc is letters. When said as a field radio abbreviation translated to Victor Charlie and ultimately just Charlie with father being a former South Vietnamese soldier? The slur wasn't accurate to loy at all the other names were even worse hateful. Slurs meant to dehumanize anyone of southeast Asian descent at first loy win tried to correctable ace telling them that his family was Chinese by way of South Vietnam not north therefore he couldn't be called a Harley but his poor English always got in the way of this defense. The kids laughed and told him to go back to his own country. Loy endured this bullying through most of middle school and high school before dropping out in his senior year to help parents pay the bills. So Go Therapist. Dr Suzanne babble reports that while most children outgrow the circumstances where bullying happens. Such a school victims are still at risk for long-term complex. Ptsd and symptoms can include hyper-vigilance anxiety or a high temper- even after Loy quit school. He still seemed to suffer from the traumatic bullying. He faced ever since arriving in America. And this was exacerbated by the fact that he could not find employment as a young Asian male in Sacramento. Whether inside or outside of school his accent continued to hold him back. Nineteen Ninety one law in the win was a frustrated twenty one year old with deceptively boyish looks. It was always carded in bars and some bartenders. Flat out refused him alcohol. Meanwhile Loy was growing increasingly livid at his lack of employment this was not the land of opportunity that his family had been tricked into believing. This was the land of rejection and in his darker moods loy would often talk about his desire to return to Southeast Asia to fight against the Viet Cong communist but his father. Bam always discouraged this idea in his spare time which he had plenty of law usually watched Hong Kong action movies with his friends and he dreamed of becoming a movie star. A wish that felt more like a fantasy for an Asian American male and Loy wasn't the only son struggling to adjust to a new life in America. His younger brothers. Fan and long were also outsiders and it wouldn't be long before all three of them vied for membership in one of Sacramento's violent street gangs the oriental boys. Coming up. A family secret pushes the new in brothers over the edge. Hi It's Carter. I am happy to announce the launch of our new podcast series supernatural. With Ashley. Flowers has been a great success. It's a show where all very proud of here at podcast and we thank you for listening. If you haven't had a chance to tune in yet I definitely recommend you head over to the supernatural with Ashley Hours. Feed and start following today every Wednesday Ashley. Flowers takes on a different crime or mystery where the most fitting theory isn't always the most conventional where the deaths of two Brazilian men a result of making contact with spirits on Mars. Closer to the truth than ever. Before regarding the mystifying lead masks case did four friends have a highly unusual encounter during a camping trip in Maine sort through the out of this world circumstances surrounding the allegations incident. And who and what were responsible for the unexplained death of Australia's Somerton man dig deeper into the peculiar details and poetry involved in the case. Each week Ashley takes on the strange and surreal to explain some of the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences and it's already one of my favorite shows and I hope you check it out. Follow supernatural with Ashley. Flowers free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the story.

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