House passes coronavirus aid package after national emergency declared


Relief is on the way for Americans hit hardest by the corona virus pandemic well most of us were sleeping in the house passed a relief package that includes sick paper workers and free testing Maryland congressman Steny Hoyer I've been on the phone with the speaker a lot of times we haven't counted but she and secretary Mnuchin obviously have worked very very hard to come to this agreement the bill supported by the president now heads to the Senate fifty billion dollars in aid is going to states now that president Donald Trump declared a national emergency in furtherance of the order emerging every state to set up emergency operations centers effective immediately caroling governor Larry Hogan says state leaders are working hard to keep up with the ever evolving challenges is changing out on a daily but on an hourly almost minute by minute basis and each of us as governors are trying to stay on top of it and we're working together as best we can with our federal partners some good news about the first three people in Maryland who tested positive for the coronavirus Montgomery county's health officer Dr Travis gale says they were covered and be given the green light to return to their normal lives and the other three cases that we have are all doing well clinically they're stable and they are at home are receiving

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