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This week's theme is brain food. The curator is Ariel Retro. Here's why Arielle chose this theme. She says hi their minds. Ariel and the theme. I chose for this week's newsletter is brain food. I chose this theme because usually when I eat I just sort of been hailed the without thinking or chewing for that matter so this newsletter felt like the perfect opportunity to kickstart my brain and to get me to put a little bit more thought into what. I'm eating where it came from. And maybe the story behind to hope you enjoy here are the podcasts and episodes chosen by Arielle. Monday's episode comes from Radio Cherry bomb and is called climate. Change Food and you. It's forty six minutes long in this episode is your favorite food headed for extinction. Climate change is causing farmers around the world to rethink what they grow and how they grow it which is going to impact what you eat in the very near future. This climate change food connection is the subject of Mandal's important new book. The fate of food will eat in a bigger hotter smarter. World Tuesday's episode comes from the Food Program and is called Pints of progress. The brewers changing attitudes to learning disabilities. It's twenty eight minutes long in this episode brewer and broadcaster. Jay Go wise visits breweries where a progressive approach to employing people with learning disabilities is pouring away. Preconceptions helping tell the story is Michaela. Overton a brewer at ignition in Sydenham south London a brewery founded to create meaningful work for people with learning disabilities which has gone from glorified homebrew to running to taproom selling their beers in this program. We follow their collaboration with London. Brewer Gipsy Hill to make a beer as part of the social brew. Collective Wednesday's episode comes from copper and heat and is called food delivery APPs with homeroom. It's thirty five minutes long in this episode what happens when tech startups backed by venture capital create food delivery. Apps and a whole new system that is relied on by restaurant folks across the US we chat with the folks at home room to go the takeout only location of the Popular California Mac and cheese restaurant about how these APPs have affected their business. David Yaffe Bellany business reporter from the New York. Times joins us to talk about some of the larger National Trent's Thursday's episode comes from point of origin and is called a tale of two yogurts. It's fifty eight minutes long in this episode. The tale of two yogurts and the fight to protect goes fishing villages and waters is all about preservation. It keeps US alive and teaches us how to live this episode features guests. I'm Rita Gupta of the food. Radio Project SANOJA. Very Qadri of Diaster Echo and food writer cookbook author preempt Krishna. Friday's episode comes from gastropod and is called the United States of McDonald's. It's forty eight minutes long in this episode. Mcdonald's is mind boggling. According to Adam Chandler author of the recent book drive through dreams it sells roughly seventy five burgers every second and served sixty eight million people every day. Equivalent to one percent of the entire world's population the Golden Arches are thought to be according to an independent survey more recognizable as a symbol than the Christian crosses around the world. Chandler told us in this episode. We tell the story of McDonald's but more importantly we explore what it has to say about who we are those. Are The podcast recommendations chosen by Arielle for this week's theme brain food? Listen and let us know what you think you can find these episodes and listen to them as a play list on Pod chaser just had to pod Chaser DOT COM and type in brain food into the search bar and the playlist will be right there for your enjoyment. Join the discussion of this week's theme by using the Hashtag Brain Food. This is usually the section of the show where we talk about. Podcast news brought to us by the inside podcasting newsletter skype Pillsbury. The writer of inside podcasting actually manage to put out an episode of the newsletter. This week. That didn't even mention corona virus which is super impressive this week instead of stories from inside podcasting we're going to direct you to sign up for the newsletter at inside dot com slash podcasting and in lieu of. Podcast news. I'M GONNA shout out a few podcast. Creators AND PODCAST. Industry folks who've been tweeting about podcast news as it relates to the corona virus. I make sure to check out. James Cridland his twitter handle is at James Cridland that C. R. I. D. L. A. N. D. He's the founder and editor of pod. News Dot net. Which is an awesome podcast newsletter? That goes out every single day. He's got a lot of statistics. You might find interesting. Plus he's keeping up with all the PODCASTS that are being launched to cover the pandemic next checkout alley award the host of the podcast apologies in each episode of Allergies Alley Interviews Different August about their profession. Her most recent episode is with not one but four allergists each covering a different aspect of the corona virus situation. This episode is entertaining but it also gives some practical advice for how to stay safe. Plus she's keeping up with the news on twitter. Find her at Ashley Ward. That's A. L. I. E. Ward Last. Twitter highlight goes to Michel Yousef at twitter. Handle 'em Yousef that's the letter M. E. U. C. E. P. H. Michelle is a podcast producer. And she put out a tweet. That perfectly shows the connection between corona virus. Podcasts and podcasts advertising. I'll let you see that tweet for yourself when you follow her. That's all for our twitter recommendations. We'll be back next week with podcast news from the inside podcasting newsletter.

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