NCAA tried to save March Madness with a 16 team tournament


One interesting thing? That's come out tonight In all the conversation with the NCAA basketball and March madness. One proposal. That was was considered. According to Dave Gabbard. Who's the VP of men's basketball? Was the possibility of a six eighteen team tournament. Trying to salvage at all in one weekend the The course everyone knows by now the NC cancelled everything they They spent a long time before they made the determination. Trying to figure out some alternative plans One of the possibilities was to play games. beginning Thursday in the state farm arena in downtown Atlanta. The idea was to have the selection committee. Choose the top sixteen teams in the country regardless of geographical region or conference. The first three rounds would have been played from Thursday to Saturday with a championship game Monday night. Not Ideal but it would have Provided some resolution and then finally That idea was killed. It just I probably for good reason I. I'm not sure how well it would have gone over But it has been an interesting And memorable week I thought Germy shop really put some Nice touches

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