NCAA cancels all winter, spring championships over Coronavirus concerns


Welcome you to the final hour. We came on early today and We could probably be her all night and we still wouldn't Maybe get everything in for those of you just joining us It has been another one of those days. The conference tournament started getting cancelled About eleven o'clock today the SEC. Making it official about an hour and fifteen minutes before tip off and then the big one came down late in the day the NCAA canceling not only the men's and women's tournament but wiping out all of their winter and spring. Championships are commissioner. Greg Sankey joining us about ninety minutes ago reacting quite quite negatively to what he was hearing At the same time most of us were John. Who's been covering this story? Four for days if not weeks The senior sports editor at AOL DOT COM in Alabama. Joining us. John. Thank you very much as always I mean it's there's so many layers of this Of all these fast moving events What has stood out the most to your well. Let's start with what you're talking about. I think Greg's common illustrates something that I find fascinating about what happened in the last forty eight hours and I think she's really illustrates the fact that you're the NCAA and its member conferences. I've not been on the same page about things. I think that the NCAA's outfit yesterday that it was GonNa be carrying on. Its TOURNAMENTS ABOUT FANS. Caught a lot of these different conferences off guard and really. Kinda put him on the defensive because all the pressure and attention to turn to them you know. Why do you having these days with fans and the kind of dental fad? And today you saw all the different conference tournaments within like an hour of her so cancel and then I turned all kind of pressuring attention back to the NCAA. If you've just seen in the last twenty four to forty eight hours these you know the NCAA which represents confidence not doing a great job communicating. Its decisions and and decision making process which I think will certainly illustrated in the conference of Greg. Yeah and John. Yesterday I thought it was even more on display when Everyone Was CAUGHT OFF guard. All the commissioners were caught off guard when the NCW dropped the original story And I know Mark Camera. Got A lot of praise for that but that was before we found out you in particular being a reporter. What was really going on that Greg Sankey in Nashville and John swaddled in Greensboro and and Kevin Warren in Indianapolis and everyone else didn't know anything about it. Yeah you MTA got Yar Win. Visit and could be fair. I think they've made the right decision. But you could've given some of these different conferences or a heads up to give them a chance. You know to to try to do something out. And then you have the come out their decision and we've got reporters Nashville trying to track down Greg. In fact people To get you know. What are you guys going do? And I don't think they were ready for that. And you kind of had to see all these different conferences really have to kind of come together very fast. It's trying to figure out what was going on it. You know it definitely put those conferences and it's tough spot. I don't think they would've allowed fans in if they had given you know they had a better able to come out with the announcement that it did. But you know again. I don't think that there's been a lot of great tricks patient's doctor people outside the SEC. including the SEC. I don't think there was a lot of great vacation between the NCAA CONFERENCES. And that's kind of why you're seeing all these different. Come out at different times. It's everybody's not all on the same page about what they want and what they're gonNa do to prevent this pandemic running further. John is Thursday and it seems like this week has been going on forever and I WANNA I WANNA go back to earlier in the week. You are communicating on Sunday About the crisis That was literally going on all over the world and especially Closer to where we live in this country and I just wonder I. It seemed like the sports world. Was you tell me if this is the correct word? Maybe just a little bit tone deaf or slow to react because at that point in time. I don't think really anyone was thinking about this worthy. I totally agree with you. I know you and I were getting and you know I think people when I was reaching out to different people about what I feel about it. It was treated as a warped that you know. Maybe it's not a good idea to go to these different conferences tournament. You know early something which that only a few days ago that was treated that way out there and it was at the further you and a hamster popular people on social media on TV shows kind of continuing to these opinions that the viruses that big of a deal worth the flu and all these different opinions protecting

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