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How to Become a Masterful Interviewer and Podcast Host With Josh and Erik From Onair Brands


Guy so I guess we're GonNa talk about your to set this off right. I've got Eric Cabral and Josh. I've got his last name against him. There y'all work of Josh. Carry with me and these guys are the While. Eric you started on air brands. I correct than Josh joined you. Yes on brands is our media agency which started roughly two years ago. As a result of answering the question for our clients and the market How do I get a logo? How do I get a website? How do I then how to inch I in turn make all of that Worked in social media. So that's what we really did for our clients. A lot of them were real estate investors. Because I am a real estate investor and then it slowly evolved into podcast production creation Which we partner with one Luis Diaz and then there's also the aspect that morphed into podcast creation and production into podcasts events called now a new company. We created called pod. Max Yep yeah that's that's it in a nutshell and it's pretty cool because what we do is give people a platform invoice and opportunity to shine and it just you know. It's a whole abundance. Mindset it just you know. We're we're successful because you're successful. Yeah exactly and For me what I WANNA bring you both you guys on here today. I I fall is funny because twists will who were just talking about listened with. She tagged me and one of Josh's posts and she sees like I don't know this guy but he's doing some podcasting and then you should connect with them cool so I reached out to Josh. And that's how we hit it off as we cannot connected So shout out to twist for that. She's in this group but What I want to bring you guys on here for a you guys been doing podcasting. You're both you both. Have Your own shows you both successful at it and you are able to use the podcast as a platform to grow your business. Build your brand and essentially develop network developed connections with people who are essentially business partners. Jv's or just good friends. So I think you guys are doing it. Right in that aspect. The second thing is with pod Max I like you got something about the concept house like. This is amazing because I think it's something that people want. I WanNa talk about that a bit too. And kind of what that's evolved into and why and why people should lean towards of this event or lean towards events like this in the future to grow their their awareness online so To kick things off. You said YOU'RE A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR RIGHT. Eric before right still are still still You know Hopeful that This is all going to be good. Yeah you see the interest rates drop you the day I mean. Yeah that's a good thing. Go Bill Barlett shit ton of money. Yeah Yeah we've seen this happen before and it didn't boat out you know didn't work well so but yeah. Yeah Yeah. Of course. We're GONNA talk about Corona virus here and there. It's kind of everywhere. So the writing's on the wall is going to be interspersed throughout this conversation but I guess first question is you guys both are involved in podcasting lot. You know a lot of podcasters whether they're in real estate or not's what are some of the things that maybe you can give me the eighty twenty some of the things that Uc podcasters who are doing. Well what do they do differently When near maybe when they're like when they're interviewing guests or when they're on other podcasts. You guys were a lot of people who want to get on the PODCASTS What are some of the things that the best are doing differently? Maybe from the the normal the average people. Well I think what it always comes down to is Perhaps you've heard why do people tune into a show? It's for the host to embrace understand that concept. They don't show up to the guests. They don't show up for the topic or the theme they show up for the host. So what does that mean that you have to be your best? You have to become your best. You have to bring your best. That may not happen overnight. I learned this. You know really the hard way after spending forty plus years in hiding showing up not as myself seeking approval trying desperately to get anybody and everybody to like me want to hang out with me. Turns out that doesn't work nobody cares. Nobody is attracted to that so until I made the definitive decision to say I gotTa Change. All this sharp is my best. My Best ECOMMERCE best through the podcast medium. Which is why. I adore it and love it. I now attribute it to really saving my life at my business but you have to realize you have to grow yourself to show up so to answer your question directly what are the good host doing. They know that this is a crap. They know that this is a profession and they know that this is something you can improve and get better at with work and effort training and education. So you have an know that you are the kind of person on the Mike that people want to be around. And if you're not you're not but you have to work every day to evolve and grow your cells and learn about the industry so you can perfect your craft and everything that's involved with it. I love that. That's so true and it reminds me of a I want the for shows. I actually listened to which was Michael Steles our social media social media marketing or social media examiner. He's such a good interviewer. I don't care who is interviewing 'cause I know he's GonNa pull that what he needs out of them he's GonNa pull out all the good stuff right. And he's such a vicious vicious but like he knows how to control the conversation so that. I don't care who is interviewing because I know I would get something out of it because just 'cause how he shows up on every single interview so that's a great point and people listening if you want to go check out that show go to. Michael sells nurse type in that. Name S. T. E. L. Z. And your And you'll see how he interviews but that's a great point Josh. I think Sometimes people rely on the host or they rely on the topic and I know that there are not hosting guests. And I've done that in the past shirt and it's a great reminder so for you how did you change and like how did you things you did to bring more energy to kind of like reinvent who you were to improve the podcast. Well it's a very. It's a very good question. There's a very good a very specific answer to that what we're talking about because it's all about you and your persona and your personality. This is all about your likability. Do People like you. Do they want to be around you? Are you attractive in the literal sense of the word? Do you attract others to you to want to tune into Wanna. Listen to one time you either are or you aren't. The good news is that you can become so for forty. Plus years of my life I was not attracted. I REPEAT. Held people through all of my insecurities. Yes we all have it but to what degree. I was knee deep. I was depressed. I was sad. I was anxious. I was insecure. Nobody wants to be around that or should say the white people don't want to be around. The people are going to help you become your best. WanNa be around that show. I found my why it was my two adoring children that I have today made showed me that I cannot in will not spend any more time being that person so I stepped up. I took full responsibility for what was going on and I said this is on me now. I want a different outcome. I have to be a little different than my actions so I started changing. All of my bad habits. I started figuring out how to enjoy who I am and slowly but surely strip away those insecurities show up fully evaluate honestly who. I was what I was doing and who I want to be in order to attract the right people so it starts with an honest assessment of what you are doing. That is just not working. Take one non habit. At a time I had many small medium and large start removing them. If you can't figure out how to duly signed the reasons I'm your why you should and want to do it in start doing it. And seeing the result that is huge that you'd Eric The amazing and save and one thing giants look. They were forty men. He looks great for fifty seven retirement. On I'M GONNA be forty six this year which is quite absurd are the same age actually So here's here's the call. I'm sorry Eric. Although we're not your two years old in two years we're not tired. There's a time when we're only one year apart like three days of the year but anyway So Josh Amazing at really getting people to identify and craft their message and then also he's I love to go we call him the doctor internally in our team in our company because he really goes to work with his clients and he goes to work with individuals and really in a therapeutic way he he could really really get deep and help you sort of identify some of your hurdles and then maybe leverage those hurdles for your show and for your

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How to Become a Masterful Interviewer and Podcast Host With Josh and Erik From Onair Brands

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