Raiders pick guard John Simpson at No. 109 in the 2020 NFL Draft


With the one hundred nine only twenty NFL draft philosophy biggest raiders selected John Simpson card from Clemson I would just rather have a thought on Trent Williams are the founders of the dots of value there with a fifth and a third being that they were maybe gonna get offense of linemen today in one of these late rounds but to lower your thoughts and Johnson said here the guard out of clubs into the Las Vegas raiders John Simpson is now powerful guard all I will say this man Mike may ox loves him some clamps and football and he loves you know handful of programs and you know Trayvon Mullen a year ago and and this kid now and he also this is a big powerful guard but it does make me think that does that mean they get the talk of there at the VA gave Jackson gave Jackson they're they're you know powerful guard is a you know on the trade market that may be the case they may trade gave Jackson this guy may be the replacement so that was my thought on that

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