Bengals select App State LB Akeem Davis-Gaither in Round 4 of 2020 NFL Draft


Said Bengals selected Appalachian state outside linebacker Akeem Davis Gaither with the first pick of the fourth round of the NFL draft as you just heard a Davis gave there is the twenty nineteen Sunbelt conference defensive player of the year he was second on the Appalachian state defense with one hundred and one tackles including five sacks he's from Thomasville and also had an interception this year he finished his Appalachian state career with two hundred four tackles and six point five sacks and finished a twenty eighteen with a hundred and three tackles with more on the draft last night more from Sean Gallagher the thirty third twenty draft Cincinnati Bengals select D. Higgins wide receiver Clemson and that is all day two of the NFL draft again Friday the bangles making the first pick in the second round Higgins in a video posted by the bangles Twitter account said that he's ready to win a Super Bowl the big ones now this is a way to get the word man I'm glad I'm a bagel Higgins also throwing in a day the Bengals third round selection went a different way if they selected linebacker Logan Wilson out of Wyoming the Bengals will make for more pics today

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