City of Dallas, Dallas County close all bars, dine-in restaurants, gyms, theaters to stop spread of COVID-19 coronavirus


Unprecedented in Dallas County and the city of Dallas they have ordered the closing of all bars restaurants gyms and theatres all to help fight corona virus immunity gatherings in Dallas will be restricted to no more than fifty people Dallas mayor Eric Johnson explains the rest the city of Dallas is also ordering the closing of all bars lounges taverns nightclubs gyms and health clubs restaurants will be regulated to drive through or delivery only disorder was mirrored by the entire county the Dallas County judge clay Jenkins says there is some good news today we opened drive thru testing for first responders health workers and parkland patients head of cilia parkland and in the coming days we'll open two large testing facilities a one in grand prairie at the former Verizon theatre and one and at the A. at dinner can hear line center and a parking garage that will allow for Dr Terry says they'll be able

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