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WTA Tour Suspended Until May 2nd



We had this six weeks suspension announced that means no Miami no Charleston on the W. T. side this was an issue of the ATP announced on their own unilaterally. Canceling MIAMI MONTE-CARLO IS GONNA go and everything. Bassi up until the end of of April and bit by bit. The WTI came pretty much to the same conclusion but they tried to do it one at a time rather than just doing a complete block of canceling everything. That's where we stand. At the moment we have had another update today a WTI saying because of the ongoing Global Corona Virus outbreak the WTO tournaments in stood guard Istanbul and Prague in April Arcane to be cancelled as well and so everything is suspended on. Wgn Tore now until may the second they say we will make a decision in the week ahead regarding the remaining Wti a European play caught tournaments are monitoring the situation closely so it may not be the end of of the constellations even even now so here we are amid March. We know we're not GONNA get any tennis on the women's side until may the second so let's talk to a couple of the players who are out in India wells who were affected by this situation starting with the British number. One on the men's side Down Evans World Number Twenty eight career high ranking of twenty eight. I had a little chat with him before he went to Indian wells initially when he was still in Dubai and I sensed then he was pretty anxious about the whole situation the fact that he was going to go back to the UK just for a couple of days then flats California he he. He really didn't know what to expect when he got there so I asked him first of all what it was like when he got to think like nothing was was any different at the Stop I actually went to San Diego for two is a few members at the club. She said to me all year. We're not going down to endure wells issue because of the corona virus and I mean always on our. I guess you know they were. They were older members to in. This guys says always decided that Mr Tikey precautions and we go down there and as I'm sure you're not a tennis player not the most You know pretty isolated in their own world and no already set much until I think it was. It was pretty much the die before qualifying stay there was there was is that it was GONNA get cooled off. Alan. Yes big big room Sula started unethical cooled off for the the die before Listen to the Health Minister of I think it was California or cut Coachella Valley and he said that he might have statement about into wells. I would be the guy who would be calling off sedan Sort of happened. It was all very vivid surprise really but then at that I. It wasn't so much surprise if she knows all the severity of Then not long after the Miami consolation when it was a pandemic what was the week. What's a week been like since then because they were they were letting everybody stay? Weren't they in use Indian Wells for an stay in the the accommodation? What did you? What was it like being around the other players at that time? Yeah well I mean we started like there is a few few different people two different things so that was advised to not leave the country because remodel belt guest in back in and then does seem like he was defeating the jets. If people could have committed that would have been Miami really and then it was all pretty strange. You know I didn't make didn't like practicing one was we? Were supposed to be playing. It seemed you know pretty no atmosphere. There was no saying it was terrible so applies to be to be honest and I find it pretty hard too noisy to be motivated but everyone was brought to which was destroyed thing. I've always prided everyone was eating together. So it was all this. It was all surreal India wiles. And then as said when we heard W hite sugarcoated upon Devon. Everybody was booking flights that I think you know the wrong. Who was on the Wolf for Miami? And obviously they've called on the ADP side. They pretty much immediately called a six week. Holt to the toll now. That's that's a pretty far reaching impact for so many people I mean in even in our little ecosystem of tennis. Yeah you've had a good a good start to the good last year so you'll have built up some some finance that you can. You can weather a period like that. But not everybody's in that both I would imagine no I guess not a not much anyone can really do is right now. It's it's a terrible situation for everybody you know thankfully no one just yet tested positive Well not as far as I know. That's my thing is to keep everybody healthy. I think that's the reason why the tournaments have been I think consoled in on the six week pulls to the Tool the tournament it's You know obviously a difficult time for everybody involved like just said you know even dancer. People Work Torments Aichi sponsored of player? Who is a my fly? And he wasn't sure she was getting paid or not. You know which is the end of the day. That's what everybody wants to have it as they go to to work to get paid. Because I have stuff to pay for the livelihood. Juno Dot Com. Mr Bill could fail in for for anyone. Don't know if you're going to get paid in the NFC can't for everybody. Ron and in Great Britain and the world. Yeah I mean you. You obviously had a period of time out the game. We we know the reasons for I remember you talking about the time that you found it quite hard sort of just not having the purpose in a way is it. Is that something that you feel may might help you in a way that you've at least had experience of that. If if we're able to to practice I don't see I. If I were to practices stuff adultery the six weeks been been that much of an issue for me personally You know we. We can't change if we went tool could go onto Daylight Spain I think. The chargers for For everybody really literally doing nothing because it is a that will be. I will be pretty tough I as you know one guy who's in Madrid and he died on lockdown. I called leave and he said his you know not not good whole so. I'm hoping that doesn't happen but if it does then you know the Be Interesting to see how that works. I for for the tennis

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WTA Tour Suspended Until May 2nd

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