Virus closes some meat plants, raising fears of shortages


One the last spread studio of the new has corona now scuttled viruses plans causing for some a June concern movie about release the nation's meat supply because of large and then scale there were outbreaks none at the some Disney processing company says plants the Pixar movie soul the has virus been pulled is forced from the closure its scheduled of a release Smithfield in June foods it pork was the facility last major in Sioux release falls set for South June Dakota in its we're delay nearly ten fully percent wipe of the clean plants the thirty slate seven of new movies hundred that workers was set for tested June because positive of the cove for in Kobe nineteen at nineteen pandemic so hundreds it's now been of other pushed workers back to November have been twenty sickened eighth at me some facilities studios remain in Pennsylvania hopeful of getting Mississippi their blockbusters Colorado into theaters and in other July places Disney workers has included stand shoulder Milan to on shoulder that list at meat is now processing set for July plants twenty and then fourth crowd into locker after already rooms having with its no March social debut distancing postponed right with now there's you to a shut significant nationwide amount of and meat throughout in much cold of Europe storage and Asia and the with movie many industry restaurants is scrambling closed to see when movies their might orders be open can be shifted and how to shoe to grocery horn in stores it summer blockbusters but experts warn into what is if left four of the or twenty five twenty calendar big plants I'm Oscar are closed wells Gabriel for two weeks that could spell supply trouble I'm Jackie Quinn

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