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Most of the national media wants to see Donald Trump lose the election in November the press people know this so does the president yesterday CNN host Jake tapper retweeted a nasty missive from a trump hater saying the president is quote in the same literally completely now if I had done that to president Obama while working at fox news I would have been sanctioned by management as Glenn Beck was when he took a personal shot at Mr Obama yet tapper apparently has no fear that AT&T which owns CNN will discipline him why should they say CNN attacks president trump all day every day ABC news White House correspondent Jonathan Karl loudly objects to Mr trump taking time to criticize the news media but why Mr call surely knows the press wants to hurt the president and uses the virus news cycle to do it in Carl's new book he singles out CNN White House guy Jim Acosta for scrutiny because Acosta is so anti trump so what's the beef Carl you know the truth you see it every day there is no fairness by the national press when it comes to covering Donald Trump none it is true that the president should avoid chastening media people during the pandemic because it's small ball compared to the struggle the nation is facing but Mr trump is certainly within his rights generally speaking to object to the horrendous media culture we presently have in this country right now the president and the press should be working together to get the best information to the American people but obviously that's not occurring the White House press corps often ask gotcha questions framing events in the most negative way they can in response president trump attacks the reporter and his or her organization simple question is that do you the American citizen any good simple answer of course not and the divide is not going to be breach during the pandemic president trump believes his administration and himself is doing a great job combating the virus he is not going to admit mistakes early on he is not going to give a mea culpa about anything the media does not see it that way for whatever reason they believe Donald Trump has botched the pandemic response and no matter what evidence is produced to the contrary the media is not even going to consider it trump is incompetent so he should be voted out in November that is the great divide and never

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