'Trial By Worms!'


Worms bill the time and knock off that ridiculous noise. Dr Grant Overtake Dr Steve. Wondering you lighten up for a change instead of complaining. When are you join us in his own me he joined in? I would never do all right. Let me give it a shot. Okay great all you gotTa do is repeat what I say here. We go everyone. I sit alone in his jail. Time from zero. That awful smell. It is more news than you'd believe. Believe and it's coming from from blue very funny. You just go on into that floyd this entire messes your fault my fault. Yes if you had build your diamond. Space travel device to create new worm owes. Every time someone made a jump we never would have violated the words union contract and they never would've captured us well if you hadn't stolen the time and space travel device and made all those time and space jumps forcing us to chase after you. We wouldn't have created so many wearables. It's just sloppy science. Floyd US scientists have created a diamond space device that drill a score and made it spin backwards reversing the Earth's orbit and thereby going back in time. Oh Yeah you're right then ideas much better than mine. That's drill into the center of the Earth. Brilliant brilliant idea better than any of yours. I'll tell you one thing when my team is drilling to the center of the Earth They Will Sidley not be wearing your cockamamie solar-powered mining helmets. They find that poor guy. You sent a little my inventions Dr Steve. Hey doctors please. This fighting is getting US nowhere. Why can't you guys just get along chips and figure over on the far corner of the Cell Gypsum fidget are sitting huddled together telling each other Joe Reba look? They're they're stuck together like a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich. I guess you're right Dr Grant. I'm sorry I snapped at you and I'm sorry that I belittled your inventions floyd. We're going to need to work together to get out of this mess. You're right. We need to think of a way to escape these worms with. I have an idea. We can drill into the floor here and create a tunnel do escaping right drill out of here in straight into the space stream. Why do all of your ideas have to do with drilling this? Arguing isn't getting US anywhere. Dr Floyd user ridiculous Doctor Grant Grant are floyd not your grand talk to Steve. I'm sorry I just wanted to hear bio name. Continue with your argument. You can just be quite the king. We'll see you now. I hear villains are led down a long corridor that opens into a beautifully ornate throne room at the head of the room sits a giant time space worm with a large crowd. This is his Royal Majesty Schwartzchild King of the time and Space Work Rosen. I'm ready for the next case. Your Majesty I hereby call the case of the versus the crews of the duct floyd time and space ship at the doctor Steve Ship of evil. Very well What are the charges? Go Highness these five. Criminals have violated. How Union contract that states that the time and space worms are the only creatures who may make wormholes in the time and space. What is this true? Unfortunately yes you're I have Usually the right here and he can testify to that fact. Just short human comes walking into the throne room. He is a great headman in a smart business. Suit that looks like it's from the nineteen seventies. He approaches the king bows and then starts talking to Him Majesty. These beings have definitely violated several union contracts. They've made numerous way malls throughout the time and space stream without permission or appointments and as a union leader reads off the list of charges. Dr Grant Leans over to talk to. Who is that guy? He looks familiar for some reason what I'd be. You know what that looks a little bit like Jack. Nicholson Dr Grant. Jimmy Hoffa Jimmy Hoffa. Yeah he was a famous union leader. Who became president of the teamsters in nineteen fifty? Seven later was convicted of trying to bribe. A grand. Jury was sentenced to jail for ten years. You only served about four years and then President Nixon community sentence as long as you didn't participate in the Union for ten years Wacky Nixon. Oh wait I remember now. Isn't he the guy that disappeared in? Nineteen Seventy Five. Jimmy HOFFA DISAPPEARED. And no one knew. Where he wins. I guess we answered that question. The worms must have taken him into the time and space dream and made him their union leader. No wonder violence now. I am a fair king and even though the high chancellor has warned me not to do so I will allow you criminals to speak which one of you is responsible for your transgressions. Oh he is. He's the one who invented the time and space travel device. No this isn't my

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