Trump Taps John Ratcliffe for Director of National Intelligence


It appears trump does plan to use a lot of ratcliffe announcing today that he will nominate Ratcliffe for Director of National Intelligence. Now ratcliffe name sounds familiar. It's because trump did this get and he did. He did this before he was nominated by trump for the same job last July and that nomination was pulled in early August because there was not enough support in the Senate among Republicans over concerns over rat cliffs credentials House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi responded to the nomination. In a statement saying quote Congressman Ratcliffe has shown an unacceptable embrace of conspiracy theories and clear disrespect and distrust of our law enforcement and Intelligence Patriots. That disqualify him from leading American intelligence community. We call upon the Senate to remember that they take an oath to protect America. Not The president and vote against this nomination joining me now. Representative Roger Christner Mortiz a Democrat from Illinois. A member of the House Permanent Select Cup Select Committee on intelligence with John. Ratcliffe UP Congressman. Good to see you again. This one's tricky side. John Ratcliffe for a second. There's a guy he's a guy who's GONNA have trouble getting confirmed there are Republicans have serious concerns and we can talk in a minute. About what the reasons for those concerns are however he's actually going to have trouble getting confirmed the president's other guy who put into place. Richard Grenell is also widely thought to be not qualified to be the director of National Intelligence. But he can only keep the job until March eleventh unless Ratcliffe doesn't get nominated anytime. Soon in which case Greg Elkins Day on the job. So there's some trickery involved here right right. It's something called the Federal Vacancies. Act And perhaps your audience already knows about it. But basically this act enables Grenell to stay for as long as the nomination is pending and then if it fails for another two hundred ten days so practically another seven months after that and then the president could nominate another person and so while we might succeed in other words. This is what the president does got a lot of acting people and he likes exactly he he does. And and Mr Grenell in particular Is is considered to be a political hack and the reason why people are so upset about Mr Grenell In part is that he is basically going to be administering a loyalty test to all the people in the intelligence community whom the president suspects as being part of the deep state and this review is going to basically happen during the pendency of this nomination of Mr Ratcliffe and maybe beyond and grave damage could be done not only to the intelligence community but our national security in the meantime right. And here's the issue and I want to remind people about the history behind the director of National Intelligence and the intelligence problems that contributed to nine eleven. Right there was. There's some thinking and I want to Monday morning quarterback but there's some thinking that if all our intelligence organizations had shared their information properly we might have been able to prevent nine eleven. The director of national television's is the person who's supposed to do that. They should be the best informed. Smartest most qualified person in this country. Correct and that does not seem to be a priority to this president. No and and this kind of takes us to pivot point right now which is Is Is the intelligence community going to be led by someone who lives in the world of truth or is it going to be someone who lives in the world of propaganda and in the world of propaganda? You Know Truth Tellers are silenced and political loyalties are rewarded. But we know what that world looks like. We don't have to look further than China and the Corona Corona virus. China is a world of propaganda silence. The critics say silence the truth tellers and now they helped spawn a global pandemic. That's going to kill a lot of people unfortunately and heard a lot of hurt a lot of Americans too so this is why this is a consequence of lying. A little under the radar. But I think this is a a remarkable importance. I'm glad you join me tonight. To talk about a congressman Roger Crystal Mosey. Thank you as always

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