More testing sheds light on how virus is spreading in US


At king least county six Washington people have public died health officer in a corona Dr virus Jeff Duchin outbreak says in the the virus Seattle suburb it elderly and already ill patients king county we Washington have an outbreak public health officer at Dr the long Jeff term care Duchin facility says the life virus Karen currently it elderly Kirkland and already Duchin ill says patients all of those made we have ill an by outbreak the virus have at similar the long health term problems care facility before life Karen the currently outbreak Kirkland he has Duchin the number says of all fatalities of those made and serious ill by illnesses the virus have is similar far health less problems than the before actual number the outbreak of likely infections he has the number in of fatalities the area and serious it's important illnesses to understand is that the vast far majority less of these cases than the actual that number are milder of likely going undetected infections in the the worldwide area death it's important toll tops to understand three that the vast thousand majority of these the number cases of known that infections are mild are going rose undetected to about eighty nine the worldwide thousand death in seventy toll tops countries three thousand on every continent the number of but known infections Antarctica rose to about I'm Tim eighty McGuire nine thousand and seventy countries on every continent but Antarctica I'm timid wire

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