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Michael Bloomberg, Joe Biden And Charleston South Carolina discussed on All In with Chris Hayes


Thanks so much. We've got much more to come live from Charleston South Carolina. How the candidates stack up going into tomorrow right after this so the South Carolina primary tomorrow the dynamic on the Democratic side as I see it Joe Biden's performance here in South Carolina could really affect his trajectory going into Super Tuesday. And the big thing this week that appears to be boosting binds. Chances is it. Michael Bloomberg has kind of stalled out in remember. Essentially what happened? Post New Hampshire. Was this big Bloomberg surge right in the polling as the four hundred million dollar man was running ads all over the airwaves and did not have to answer any difficult questions. Then the subsequent weeks Michael Bloomberg has been on the debate stage twice. He's also had a lot of difficult. Press about his record Bernie. Sanders has faced a lot of criticism from members of his own party. And all of that seems to be benefiting. Joe Biden quite a bit to talk about these dynamics. Three people who understand this race from the inside out and Williams a Georgia state senator chaired the Democratic Party of Georgia. Charlie Pierce Writer Large Esque Gilani Kaba Staff writer.

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