Former Trump White House counsel Don McGahn doesn't have to testify after court dismisses lawsuit


A federal appeals court is ordering the house judiciary's lawsuit to force former White House counsel don began to testify to be dismissed NPR's Ryan Lucas explains the decision overturns a lower court ruling handing a major legal win to president trump the house Judiciary Committee subpoena don began last year to compel his testimony and then sued when he refused to comply the White how's ordered him not to testify arguing that he enjoyed absolute immunity from doing so as a senior adviser to the president late last year a District Court sided with the committee now in a two to one decision from a three judge panel the DC circuit court is overturning that ruling the appeals court says the fight over against testimony is a political dispute between the legislative and executive branches and the court says it has no authority to settle such a dispute instead it says Congress has political tools to force the executive branch to comply such as withholding funding in dissent judge Judith Rogers says the decision all but assures future presidential stonewalling of Congress Ryan Lucas NPR

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