Los Angeles: Trump Pardons LA Billionaire Michael Milken: ‘He Suffered Greatly’

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President trump went on a pardoning spree on Tuesday for a WHO's who of individuals convicted of white collar crime. A total of eleven people were given commutations or pardons and this follows. How should we say troubling history of prior pardons from this White House including Joe Arpaio Scooter Libby and an Extra Sousa? There was no indication that he followed the typical Justice Department vetting process for these sorts of things but rather that he heard recommendations from a cast of characters including his personal lawyer and czar of corrupt overseas action. Talk about Rudy Giuliani. Perhaps the biggest name of the pardon bunch was Rod Blagojevich the former Democratic governor of Illinois. So get in. W T F. Yeah indeed I mean so. Blagojevich is a good place to start with all of this because it gives us an example a window into the kinds of people that were pardoned on Tuesday. Blagojevich solicited bribes for political appointments including for one Barack Obama's open Senate seat after he was elected president The selling of a Senate seat is not something that typically happens in America. He was impeached and removed from office and Blagojevich had completed eight years of a fourteen year term and trump commuted the arrested on Tuesday. We have commuted the sentence of Rod Blagojevich. He served eight years in jail. A long time and I watched his wife on television. I don't know him very well. I bet him a couple of times. He was on for a short while the apprentice years ago very nice. I don't know. Wow imagine thinking the apprentices like a good judge of character. It's not even a good show. Well okay. So presumably. The rest of the pardons were not all people featured at one time on the apprentice right so like who else got him. It would be incredible if they were Unfortunately they're not. There was Michael Milkin who is referred to as the quote Junk Bond King. He was accused of taking part in an insider trading scheme and pled guilty to several counts of securities violations. Now he had served twenty two months in prison and since he was released he has been funding medical research into cancer more recently. Ironically though when milken getting in trouble in the nineteen eighties one of the people pursuing charges against him was Giuliani. Who was then the top prosecutor for the Southern District of New York how the turntables according to The New York Times One of the people that suggested this part into trump was Nelson peltz. He is a billionaire investor. Who held a ten million dollar fundraiser? For Trump's twenty twenty campaign this past weekend again. This is normally not how this would work recommendations pouring in from random personal or business acquaintances acquaintances at events for your reelection campaign. So I'm sensing a bit of a pattern here in terms of decision making. Yeah so the other two high profile ones here were for former New York City police. Commissioner Bernard B Kerik and a former owner of the San Francisco Forty niners Edward J debartolo. Junior someone's GonNa assume that these fellows they did all the similar things. Yeah basically. Yeah I mean carrick was found to have accepted a two hundred fifty thousand dollar quote unquote loan from an Israeli billionaire while he served as Interior Minister of Iraq. The issue there was that he didn't disclose it Carrick. Later pled guilty to eight felony tax and false statement charges now for deer Tolo. He actually never served a prison term but paid a million dollar fine after pleading guilty to concealing extortion attempt in Nineteen. Ninety Eight. Believe it had to do with a Casino Boat. Type situation. I would like to read a little bit more about it as well Interestingly as well for him DEBARTOLO was among the host of a pre inauguration. Party for trump in two thousand seventeen so to recap just these four examples. It was a long list of people who committed pretty major financial crimes and weren't necessarily the first people on top of mind for

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