Seattle: Monroe residents stranded by mudslide to be evacuated by helicopter, if needed


Much county emergency responders will deploy a helicopter to evacuate Monroe residents stranded by a mud slide if it's absolutely necessary the update from almost Corwin hake it's been nearly two weeks since a mud slide took out a section of two hundred sixtieth Avenue the only round in and out of sky view estates now Snohomish county fire district seven says on Facebook it can land a chopper nearby if an emergency should require an airlift evacuation the post makes it clear the chopper would be deployed only as a last resort ever Herald reporter Joseph Thompson tells Herald readers when it comes to making repairs the county's hands are tied because pharaoh the carriages you can't pay to fix this most of the residents have gotten geo tech to come out and see how much it would cost to fix the bad news somewhere in the two million dollar range the two hundred sixty residents are seeking state and federal grant money they've also launched a go fund me page so far racing about sixty three hundred dollars

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