New online platform might provide hope for Los Angeles art galleries struggling during COVID-19


It is tough to see art in person when virtually all in person gatherings have been canceled you're relegated to seeing work online which you have to admit isn't really the same thing so what does that mean means art galleries are hurting because sales are way down some of those galleries could even close their doors for good but a new online platform that is the brain child of LA art dealer Jeffrey died chin name you may be familiar with in the art world is offering a glimmer of hope for local galleries and for the artists whose work they exhibit our art insider and greater LA regular contributor Lindsey Preston's Abbas is editor in chief a contemporary art review Los Angeles she's here to talk about it hi Lindsay Hey Steve before we get on to this new platform I guess can you give us a broad overview of what's what's the state of LA art galleries right now are they making any sales at all you know it's honestly a bit of a mixed bag from who I've talked to obviously as you said it not being able to see the working person is making a pretty big impact and and a lot of these exhibitions are kind of on hold or had to close early and a lot of galleries have reported that you know they're having to lay people off and even facing closure there was actually just an LA times article by Caroline Maranda that came out were they surveyed thirty five galleries and twenty five percent said that they might close as a result of this but other galleries I've spoken to are doing okay so it's a bit it's a case by case I'd say I do want to know about this new platform though I mean how is it different from what galleries and some art fairs are already doing online because you know we've seen that you know this this sort of coalescing of of galleries yeah I think when you first hear about it you're like okay what's going to make this different and unique but the really cool things so this was initiated as you said by Jeffrey Deitz who has spaces here in LA and also New York and he kind of had this idea and he quickly assembled an operating committee of about fifteen or so galleries and then they got sixty LA galleries on board so this is really a home grown operation dates you know for industry that sometimes can be a bit competitive it's really inspiring to see them all come together for a joint effort the goal unlike you know art fairs like art Basel or things like that that have gone online is really to support the diversity of of the LA art scene and a range of gallery sizes from tiny you know artist run spaces all the way up to the big guys well look I mean let's talk about this bigger galleries if if everybody's in competition even the small diverse is the the larger ones I mean why is it in their interest to help out the smaller struggling spaces do you think the larger galleries are acknowledging that effort that the small galleries put in to really feed what they're doing so it's almost like it's like the farm system in baseball right like minor league teams like helping out the major league teams right yes we need a sports reference that's perfect yes the smaller galleries often are in this mode of discovering young artists giving them their first shows kind of building their career you know some of these bigger galleries like the Goshen you can't just walk in and ask for a show and if they haven't already heard of you they're not gonna show you you know so it's really key that the small galleries kind of feed into the larger ones and it's really cool that the big ones are acknowledging that the smaller galleries are much more vulnerable in this time and they need to support them right how's it gonna work I mean if you if you see something on the platform that you like can you just buy it I mean do you added to your cart and then check out I believe how it will work as a site will always point back to each gallery's website to kind of close the deal or make the sale also through the site you can then finds that galleries contact and reach out to them directly and the goal is that one is featured on the scholar platform also nearer especially ones were able to kind of go back to galleries again that what's on this platform will near exhibitions that are actually at the gallery

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