Explaining the Michael Flynn controversy


City every thing that we have been saying we're now going on three plus years is now true there is a miscarriage of justice they set up general Flynn we now have hand written notes to prove it where do we stand and your thoughts what we have even more evidence now Sean than we had yesterday we did a new filing at about one o'clock this afternoon with a report from the FBI that completely exonerated planets of January fourth of any sort of Russia problem and repeats in multiple ways that they had checked all the government files on him the FBI files the DA files probably ASCII files all those those two were redacted and found no derogatory information on him whatsoever so then we learned a task a confidential informant against them from the other information I have another that staff and helpers and he's a total slimeball but was running an operation against when I'm probably through the office of net assessment James Baker colonel James Baker in the department of defense with his handler and we think banker that they could not be at the operator but the defense department Baker is the one who had the connection that allowed him to get the transcript of the Kinsley act calls that he then probably leaked to his friend David Ignatius there been recent disclosures of how cozy their relationship was which was inappropriate for more reasons than one and we've just got more and more evidence of the strong page text messages hell struck at the instructions of seven four went back in which means the upper echelon of the FBI Comey and McCabe went back in and kept the following general Flynn from being closed he references their own incompetence and realizing that the file has been closed even though it was supposed to be on so they started all over again and start making up the attempt for the Logan act delegations and set up the interview now as I read these hand written notes and and new information that has come out potential questions for DD's call explain what that is this is from struck that son an email from strong before McCabe is going to place the call to swing on the day of the interview that Comey was talking and bragging about his little speech on national January twenty fourth four days into the trump administration and McCabe now general Flynn it's been widely reported ask or do I need a lawyer anything in Andrew McCabe lied to him did he not and deny him his Miranda rights well actually technically Maranda doesn't apply in the non custodial setting but what they always do is at least mention of one thousand one possibility the false statement possibility and what that means that they have plans and schemes by other information we have not even do that with general Flynn there emails yesterday produced that recommended that they do that and note that they always do that at least mention it in an interview and they decided here because it was planned not to mention it at all they schemes and plans and met at length about it to decide to keep him relaxed and unguarded and then I would not have their and what wouldn't a White House council of as well what is the nature of this then again improper process was and protocol what is the nature of the discussion with general Flynn and if they had the Telemus about an investigation into planned and Russia well that point the White House counsel would say will red flags general Flynn they probably would have told you probably need a lawyer that would have happened now in that and then these other you know hand written notes what is our goal now why would any FBI agent ever have to ask the question because the goal should be truth the goal should be justice they say then it goes on truth admission R. or to get him to lie get him we're trying to get him to do something or and then it's so so we can then prosecute him or get him fired well that sounds like a perjury trap but I'm not the smart lawyer that you are Sydney about one that was obviously written obviously their goal and that's even more apparent in the text messages of Strzok and page and others that came out in the production today where they also talk about using a defensive briefing as a pretext to talk to him they're trying to figure out a way to talk to him in such a way that he doesn't know he's being interviewed so they could try to trap him or make something up against him and they wound up having to just make it up and we learn more in today's production also about how Mr Strzok did massive added to the original agents three oh two and was trying very hard to keep that other agents employees in the report despite his significant changes to it and was talking to Lisa page about that she was fussing with him that helps lobbyists work was on it all right I'm I want to get John Solomon here in here in a second but Sydney what we now knows that this was a set up that they knew ahead of time that they had put this case to rest they resurrected it for political purposes we know even earlier and and the attorney general's confirm this that in fact when we've confirmed it that it was premeditated fraud on the FISA court because they will warn John Solomon will address this in a minute and that is they will warn that the dirty dossier that Hillary paid for should not be trusted it was political in nature it's unverified and my and that Christopher Steele has an agenda numerous times but they took the unverified later we find out unverifiable odd dirty Russian dossier that even apparently the Russians knew was going to Hillary Clinton which brings up a whole new story likely Russian disinformation even The New York toilet paper times got that was used as the foundation for all four FISA warrants totally debunked at this point they never even tried to verify it and then they took away Carter page's civil liberties and constitutional rights they spied on a candidate a transition team and deep into the presidency of Donald Trump those last words are Attorney General bars are and then we have other issues involving helper and Joseph miss foot in Brandon and and clapper which I assume at some point will be addressed to hear Sydney but here's what happened they denied that we now know that general Flynn is even a bigger hero don't week that what we have been saying on this program and thank god for you because you've got the crap beat out of you all a lot you work your your you know what off offered no money for the most part pro bono and donations from generous people thank god because this guy went bankrupt and he fell on the sword to save his son is not true Sidney Powell yes yes the generosity of the American people has kept our litigation going in his defense and we've learned that there was a secret side deal of course but generally they have promised not to indict his son but the judge didn't know it and we found documentary evidence only recently that Covington and Burling as per our lawyers and the prosecutor Mr van crack it made this a secret side deal deliberately to avoid that Mr Bannon cracks obligation to produce that exculpatory or impeachment information to any future defendant that they wanted general Flynn to testify against so it was another example of them cracked deliberately trying to hide the ball of exculpatory evidence and believe that the same time we on at the same time the judge did not note that the plea was coerced at and the plea was course because they said well we didn't think ally but you're going to admit to lying rose we're going after your son which that is prosecutorial abuse to I don't want to keep John Solomon out of this discussion John you've brought amazing work here and you have a lot of updates we have to listen today's documents that should be forced into the public I think really bring to light the deliberate nature of what was going on here the normal process for the F. B. I. was taking its course they looked at general plan they decided he wasn't a Russian asset he posed no threat he should be okay to be the national security adviser and then this is a more right from their notes the seventh floor of the FBI got involved the seven floors James Comey and Andrew McCabe and they stop the closure of the files the they were gonna treats when the right way and just give me a defensive briefing I move on and they put a stop to it and then they can talk this interview and you

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