New York - Cuomo Calls Subway Cars Filled With Homeless People ‘Disgusting’


C. B. S. in his daily briefing yesterday governor Cuomo called the homeless situation on the New York City subways disgusting especially considering the risk people living on the trains amid the pandemic is causing governor Cuomo spoke about it on W. C. B. S. with our Michael Wallace what's the latest on that situation and and what do you hope it's done about it I yes Michael I think the Daily News in a front page that showed a picture of a subway car with the homeless people in garbage all through it Anish it is discussed again it's not just the Daily News story we've heard about this from many sources the number of robberies is actually off on this boys even though usage is down ninety percent and the MTA has to take dramatic action and they have to take it now we have the subways opened so are essential workers can get to work and these are the heroes of today that the doctors the nurses the food delivery people the transit workers were there every day and we owe them more than this Michael we have to have those trains disinfected they have to be clean people ought to know when they get on the train in the morning it's a clean disinfected trained and the homeless aren't being helped either I am is not helping the homeless this is not doing anyone a favor yeah the home was on the train in the middle of a pop public health crisis without masks without any protection so we're not helping anyone it has to change and it has to change now in the MTA has to tell us what we need to do to get the trains disinfected every night only our city transit intern president Sarah Feinberg says and her MTA employees are not the people to tackle this problem so who should be tackling it is at a city hall problem as it is then why P. problem it's not about pointing fingers at this time we're in a very impossible situation I just want to know how to fix it and I will fix it and they have to tell me what they need to fix it the number of homeless are up the N. Y. P. D. have difficulty dealing with the issue the MTA hired a private security guards and with the private security guards do is when they see a homeless person they call three one one which goes back to the NYPD so this makes no sense and if they need more police they should tell me they need more police and we'll figure that out if they ask to reduce train service so they can disinfect trains whatever they need just let them tell me and I will get it done governor Cuomo on W. C. B. S. with Michael

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