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Ross and Carrie Stay Home: Coronavirus Edition


Hello Welcome to oh no Ross. And Carrie the show where we don't just report on for in science spirituality claims of the paranormal but take part ourselves. Yup when they make the claims we show up. So you don't have to carry poppy inaugural spotter. We are inside indeed. I haven't seen you for a while. How you doing L. Things are asking. I'm okay you know I'm okay. How are you actually? I can't complain too much. I'm hold up at home. We are staying home from work so right now in case you're listening to this in the future. This is a time of pandemic. Yeah the covert nineteen outbreak. So we're taking a little break from our conscious life expo coverage to share some things relevant to our show and the kind of news that we cover related to corona virus. And this one is a long one. This might be our longest episode ever yeah. Nothing's wrong with your phone that it says this is whatever three hours or we just gathered a lot of material we thought. Hey let's do the Joe Rogan experience version of Rawson Kerry. We are here with you and your ears as your hold up in your home so neither of us is sick. Knock on wood. Yeah I had been sick. Yeah at the end of February around the twenty second because I remember as I was starting to work in the polls I was feeling under the weather scaring the fear of God into all of us and I did end up going to the doctor. They're still no test kits at this point and I went to the doctor on the ninth of March. She wanted to see. If I had had fever I hadn't that's one of the most common signs and like eight percent of cases normal healthy temperature But I had had a cough anyways. There was enough where I thought well. What if I'm one of those people who don't have strong symptoms but I'm a typhoid Mary right so she assured me but again there was no tests? Have been nervous about that. I'd taken a couple of days off of work as a result and now I may okay and I'm well past the infectious period. Anyway even if I was so yeah. We're we're not sick. I mean obviously I'm worried for everybody his immuno-compromised and everyone who's older. But I also I'm kind of worried for everybody's mental health such such a dour time. This is a a huge change for society. I was just thinking about kids growing up in this. This is going to be something they always remember. Oh man remember that time. We stayed home from school for weeks. Maybe months I don't know how this is going to shake out and people are going to say. Hindsight is twenty twenty so much. That's the real problem. They always ask. That's GonNa wear on your mental mental steadily. And I'm going to be reminded of that the way. I said trump twenty sixteen. Oh right listening. Tobacco episodes like okay. Okay they always forgive me they always write in and say it's okay Kerry. It's okay because they do. I would feel bad and I do so We've also delayed. Maximum Fund drive. Yes Max van decided to waylay that for a little bit and we thought well it's still give them something special so that means there will be no ads today because already been cleared aside normally. We'd be reminding you about why we're so special important in your life and you should support us and by all means you still can at maximum fund dot org slash joining. We're GONNA be talking about this. Maybe you're trying to avoid corona virus news in your life but hopefully we can give you some kind of fun alternate viewpoints. There are a lot of people. Listen to us who already have Mobility challenges and reasons that they don't get to be out of the House of Bunch So I feel like this is kind of a moment when we get to reflect on those listeners as well and how vital they are two are listening community. This is such a such a personal platforms. Such a personal way to relate to people through their ears and we did have one conference that we were going to go to this weekend and it got cancelled as it should be yes. That is a wise thing to do. And the social distancing has now entered the lexicon now. We're all kind of aware of that. I feel like it's giving a whole new meaning to the The idea of cancel culture gets cancelling the virus. Oh that is a much better version of games local. Yes so what is corona virus? Ross okay so Ross is not a scientist neither am I. I'm not but I've been reading lots of articles like everybody. We try to model curious ignorance. Well so Take us for what we are in terms of our experience levels twelve But Yeah I say corona virus just because it's I dunno flows off the tongue better but the technical name is Kovic. Nineteen short for corona virus disease. Twenty one thousand nine hundred. It's caused by SARS C. O. V. Two which is a novel strain of coronavirus virus initial reporting was saying that it came initially from a bat in the Wuhan District of China though. I've recently read that. It may have come from Penguin. Let's a Pangolin. It's All this really interesting creature. One kind of looks to me like an Armadillo. I don't know if it's related at all but yeah I saw buddy really cute. There's a really sad practice of eating rare animals. Right would be interesting. If some poor little Pangolin who was eaten by someone who shouldn't have been eating them has brought down our whole economy out man so corona viruses in general. They're called that because they have all these little protein projections sticking out of them that look like the corona of a will of crown to what the name means or corona of the Sun. Say you're saying Corona viruses in general because there's like the flu. There's the concept of the flu but there are actually many flu viruses run their own. Special name is a family of viruses and so there are other corona viruses that we've heard of before they cause upper respiratory tract illness and I've been following daily the world dominator website. They've got a running statistic. We're looking at almost two hundred thousand cases of Corona virus and almost eight thousand deaths. How many survivors do we have their? Those who have recovered. Eighty two thousand okay. So there's many cases that are currently being treated exactly last time I checked. We're at one hundred nine deaths in the US so growing and compared to previous pandemics right. Now it's pretty small but there's a measure called the are not Anthony. People you'll in fact if you have it right exactly on average so that infectiousness rate is two point five four krona virus as compared to the one point five of regular influenza two point zero of Ebola SARS is three point five measles to give a really high example sixteen. Oh Jesus knows that bad and it also survive on surfaces along time Ryan three hours especially metal. I believe yeah so. It's good to wipe down surfaces with alcohol frequent hand washing the CDC recommends. If you do use hand sanitizer make sure has at least sixty five percent alcohol content. Yeah it's important to know about the surface thing because I've heard a few people say well as long as I'm not touching other people if I go to the movies or whatever. What'S THE HARM. I'm not touching anybody. Read so empty there but if this thing stays on. Us service for three hours than you touch one ticket stub len touch your face one DOORKNOB. Yeah now cheers. You're vector so that and probably the most dangerous thing about this is just. It takes five to six days usually to show symptoms and also dogs can't get it. Thank goodness think dog. Yeah 'cause Ella was just not feeling well like a week ago and I was so grateful that the WHO said we're okay. The doggies are okay. My friend Chris. Kelly made the wonderful joke that the let the dogs out. Yeah everyone doing that. Fight over twitter about who came up with that joke the. Who let the okay all right? We'll probably wasn't my friend Chris and another thing that's entered. The lexicon is flattening the curve. The ideas that Bhai social distancing by just not giving this virus a chance to transmit by staying home staying away from people you're slowing down that eventual and inevitable overloading of the medical healthcare system. This is why you make an appointment at the DMV. More lives get rid. Yeah there you go. That's the perfect example. And that's why you don't buy the T. P. True toilet paper. Have you gone to the grocery store ever since the started? I don't think so like you can read a dead. You can't find bread right now. Yeah that's not. Certain aisles are nuts. I what about not about that there might be i. Didn't we did stock up on soy milk. Okay right okay. Am I just for our audience? That might be helpful. Contextual information can I say one hopeful thing just in case everyone's listening in their life fudge looking at how much longer of this podcast is? Yeah Yeah Afar. It's so sad right. Stop talking about this factual info true but also this is. This is how I keep my spirits a little bit up. I think about how the there's the temptation to think. Well I shouldn't let myself be happy because other people aren't happy I think that's a really tempting fallacy and in fact the fact that I am able to get my work done I am not sick. I get to just walk around my apartment and be slightly closed in allowing myself to be happy is actually better for the world's because it gives me a larger emotional reserve from which to draw from to continue to support those people to make money and donate it to not just drought society or be a cynical. The timing those people actually need me to allow myself to be happy and that can feel like kind of Rhody but it is the reality like the more we all just fall into like cynicism and sadness. The less we can help. That's a great point and kind of what but overused metaphor of the oxygen mask. That put yourself first so yeah hopefully At least in the rest of this episode we can bring a little bit of cheer and Yeah I I feel very fortunate right now. I realize I'm I'm in a pretty good spot where I get to hang out with my family. We're healthy. I still have a job to do and everything so I'm pretty lucky. And all this me too and you're GonNa Watch toys. Yeah that's right. It's streaming on Amazon. It's great it's so good you're gonNA love looking forward to it all right so you gotta watch safe and breaking bad but you wanNA break so funny. I was talking with car about that earlier. That like Oh this is finally the closest. I've had to me getting deathly ill in getting to watch breaking bad but my schedule has not at all led up. I'm just running around my house trying to keep stuff so hopefully hopefully things will ease up. We'll see how this goes. We have an ongoing joke. That Ross doesn't WANNA watch breaking bad. When in fact he does want to walk me but we keep treating him like he's refusing to buy we. I mean me. I have to listen to ridiculous youtube videos. I'm going to get enough so us to talk about. Why don't you tell me about some predictions? Did anyone out there. In far history ever say Carey in two thousand twenty cove in nineteen is going to make your life not as good okay. Well distant history of course something like this happens and everybody wants to point out like oh who got this right who knew it was coming. Of course we have to start with no strums. My fav- my favorite baby. So he was a French prognosticator. Famous for writing these QUA- trains. He would write these just four line little poems the most boring. Hachette though I have to say I don't know how intentional this was..

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