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Manchester United Reportedly Set to Hire Data Specialists to Aid Recruitment



United spent the last day of the transfer window scrambling around trying to sign a striker finally landing on Odi Gallo and the club or determined not to have a repeat of their seemingly seemingly he writes occasional occasionally writes haphazard approach to signings by hiring a team of eight to help identify talent through the use of data led by a head of analytics. The new department will use data to profile potential targets as well as contribute to United's academy and medical teams united do use analysis at the moment particularly video. What is this nineteen ninety-five who've video now analysis is so cutting edge but are surprisingly a little behind? If you've seen them over the last five years you wouldn't say they're mo- surprised but when it comes to data in recruitment instead paying big money for high profile players so the move is a positive step forward I mean yes. It is but it screams of them being more interested in winning the press conference than winning the games how far behind his tall. This is insane for club like that. That is really surprised now. I know not every club is sold. We heard about the grit argument. Fulham a few seasons back about data and a boat how they would use analysts in terms of team selection and stuff like that. But I mean you're Manchester United Leicester have analytics longer. The Manchester United will have at this point. Well that's the thing is like your united. You have more money than you really never know what to do with it so like have an analytics department and then like decide how you want to utilize. But it's but it's a holistic approach. You know it's not just. It's the test people go and watch players the also look at the data. It's it's remarkable. I think you've got to it with what you were saying there originally in that. It's just like this. Who who was it that you're reading the Standards? Splashing names is more of what they're intrigued by rather than fit and you know. Data is the year of our Lord. Twenty twenty come on

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Manchester United Reportedly Set to Hire Data Specialists to Aid Recruitment

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