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Trump not concerned about coronavirus after confirmed case connected to Washington D.C.


She said another man from Nigeria who had passed through Washington has tested positive for the virus in Maryland president trump says he isn't concerned at all about the corona virus getting closer to the White House and the city's department of health says someone with corona virus went to Christ Church in Georgetown the city's working on figuring out who was there when the infected person wise and will be reaching out to those people Maryland has three confirmed cases in Montgomery County and New Jersey resident who went to see pack last week headed to the White House says he doesn't believe that person had contact with president Donald Trump or vice president Mike pence the White House is downplaying concerns about the fact that one attendee who went to this conference a little more than a week ago has since tested positive for the virus health officials say the patient was exposed to corona viruses before he or she attended the conference vice president Mike pence president trump several cabinet officials and even now former acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney all spoke on that stage at C. pack correspondent Sarah

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