Which Liverpool Will Show Up Against Chelsea?



Chelsea Segment Liverpool tomorrow in the FA Cup Chelsea favorites actually To make it through to the quarter-finals proteins of wobbles of late. Which point of view is interesting? Because you'd imagine that they'll both go strong for this. Well I'm not sure I'm not sure. I actually think that someone digital in this area I think Chelsea my ever sneaky Johnson not because Liverpool were very weekend against wofford which to wear but one hole and two. And I'm only surmising here. You might be thinking about putting all these eggs and not jumping sleep boskin. But that's next week. You know that you know you try. And things like that we can mic on. You seem in. This man are vaccinated. I'm not talking about a player but I'm tired. I'm talking key. Players getting injured rights right. So it don't matter if the game is next week or ten days right not the full to lose money for. Minot already lost had this same delusion. Dale Van Dyke so I wonder whether or not he will make some not wholesale. Make quite a few changes for this game thinkin right. Bremer leaked pretty much the bike. Yes he's leak. You need to get you play a shop playing properly. I'm with Craig. I fully understand of you club. Mix Mix mix change it just because I just explained to me what will intend result against Wofford but even though Liverpool have been winning some of their performances have been great as you spoken about over the last couple of weeks or so of hood that you spoke about the last couple of weeks. So you understand if he wants to change things and maybe give some of keeps the rest at the same time Chelsea. I expect them to go strong. They have been all over the last few weeks really cover year on. Does he give give kept our roads and maybe figure things out with John so I I think this is a big game for Chelsea on you. See that brutally lineups probably result don. I totally agree with shocker. I cannot see Liverpool plains. Strong team looked at a team. They played against shoes being the last round and it was full of teenagers. Harvey Elliott played at Sixteen Chiro. Vela eighteen the oldest player was twenty one. So I can't imagine many of you have big hitters planning this because it's Craig said before you pick up an injury now and even though the chums league is approximately ten days away. You got no chance recovering so you don't play them now you don't play them against former Earth truly you need. I don't think sharpness I think played enough. Games is enough games in their legs to suggest that they are shot. I mean if anything I feel a little bit jaded. I thought you saw that in the performance against Wofford so I think you'll go pretty strong against Balmer. But even then he can rescue strong against former which is closest to the Atlanta game and getting doesn't matter at all I don't of the Premier League's the holy grail formulaic. It's funneling well. We we know the one the primly but young couple still want to get back on the horse of lost one game against Wofford and eastward in the press today saying good teams. Don't lose to the spin so that suggests to me that you know will will play people Adam Alana if he's in one or two others but it I guarantee you it'll be a very very young side against Chelsea then it'll be semi strong against Bournemouth and then he's full-strength side again southbound after the hostages. He can't take any chances. If if Monay for me no you know Van Dyke Allison if any of those pickup injuries in the next couple of games. I mean you'd have to say. The chances of them go through would be slim as the explanation. Divide combine any of them three three x pros plausible explanations of how the changes against Chelsea and make more changes against Baltimore in the League and then he hoped he put his strongest against us led to Madrid. Right that's not rocket science right just because you go there and play all his best players. Don't think Liverpool team right. We'll look at it and go while I think we'll look at it and it will be very much a hybrid. I'll be surprised if not rutland on prediction. I think Chelsea win because I said before the two sides the team in the manager that needs the result. Moawad it's frankly been on a desperate Ron. I come and tight on their game in the beginning against Balmer. They were lucky to get a draw. Fill scored a very company. Easy Chances. Zeljan would've got beaten the game so then not in great form so I would imagine frank logo really really strong and I think young young. Nothing the home side win for the reasons I mentioned. We'll have with changes which I think will come and Chelsea being at home and played some good stuff at home. I'm going to go for that reason. Jesse thanks very much

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