Food For Thought: The Julia Child Episode


Yes I taught English in history in Vista California for twenty two years damn near killed me but this young woman here Emily Myers. He came down here with me. Was My student fifteen years ago and I was a big grammar teacher because I went to Catholic school right. So we're doing this grammar exercising. It said Julia Child Comma the French Chef Comma and whatever else to sentence said and so I said to the students this is what two thousand four ish and I said so Julia. You all know who Julia. Child is the seventh grade. I got these blank. Looks let me tell you about Julia. Child told them the whole story about who she was and the French chef and how she was fifty years old when she first started. I was forty when I was became a teacher. And so this that and the other and then I told them the story about how nineteen eighty nine. I was a stay at home. Mom I had my two kids Cayden Matthew who were six and four. No six and two and Julia child came to town to the to Warwick's books to her book signing of the the way to cook her last book that she wrote on her own and I said I have to go see her. I have to meet her. I just have to do this. In the meantime as the stay at home mom was getting bored so I started making English muffins and if local but you know the Panikin isolating the Sh- muffins to the panicking because the guy who used to own the Panikin road motorcycles with my then husband and one day he came over for what they called the Prince of Norton Prints of darkness motorcycle. Ride and Chili Cook Up. You can tell which part I was in that and and I said Hey bob you wanNA try some English Muffins. And Hey say. He had one with my homemade strawberry jam on it. And he's these are great and I said good. Do you want to buy some because I need to do something out of the home and make some money and he said so to gross a week from my little kitchen when I was living by San Diego State. It was hilarious so this is when I was still doing that so I got the babysitter for the baby. Matthew because he was too he would never have known the difference and I took Kate with me now. Kate was six and so she'd been watching with videotapes at that point Julia. Did something called the way to cook. She did a series of videotapes. Kate and I would watch them. Kate's birthday cake. Every year was the classical. Jen was with the whip cream and the strawberries on it and so I took with me because I walked in Julia. I know by the way I made her a dozen English. Muffins packed them up in a box wrote her. A letter. Dear Julia. You are the one who taught me how to cook. My mother thought she did but she didn't. You're the one who really did with your show. Julia Child and company and Julia Child and more company. I've learned everything I've known from. You saw there. She is. She walks in. Cates going. Momma and I know I know she's here so we get in the line in the line and the you know they always have the helpers with them when they're big like that I don't mean in stature I mean you know and so the lady and I said I said here's a spock's English muffins in it. I made them pro. Have this little business so she. It's my turn. She hands the box. Julia is working out. She did this. She took her. She's she. I was looking in her eyes and she was sitting down because she really was too. She's banging on the box. Oh goody goody gumdrops homemade English muffins she's really did say that it was so funny and I said yes and she's and I told her that I was making them. Well I guess profession getting paid for it so I guess that makes it a profession right and she said I'm so she got very serious. I'm so glad you're doing this. We need more cottage industry like this. She said English muffins she said to me. How do you get them to cook so that they're cooked all the way through and not burn on the outside? I'm going Julia. Child is asking me how to do this. And then I remembered her recipe didn't work. This was not her recipe. This was from a jam book called Jam. Shame or something like that and I said Yeah. That is the secret. Isn't it and I told her how I did it. And it was all about rolling it around in a bowl of corn meal and I said like you had taught me on one of your shows about cornmeal being like a ball bearing and she said I never really thought about that and she was unbelievable. I couldn't believe it. So we're in the store and she signs the book and she didn't sign much of anything. Good luck or whatever and then. Kate neier lurking around the store watching her some more and she oh and you should have seen you know how mom's right so this kid of mine is six years old. She's just standing there looking at her and Julia said some things to. I can't remember what it was but it was really cute. So okay fast forward. It's two thousand ten. I'm on what I called my odyssey because I decided being teacher. I need to take some time off during the summer. Actually do something and not stand at the Xerox Machine. Getting Ready for the next school year. Merola grammar packets. Remember those and I took off. I went on this Odyssey. I went up to Portland just to go to Powell's books because I needed more cookbooks. Right to add to that four thousand collection and so I'm coming back. It's twenty in my little. Volkswagen Cabriolet with the top down and Bonnie Raitt blasting. Having a great time end. The car dies on the side on the side of the road. I got I two tires off the road. That was it and I'm talking about on this very near. Oh I was four miles north of point arena which is two hundred and fifty miles north of San Francisco on the one and not the one. Oh one the one the one the ones the one that goes like this and you can only drive twenty five miles an hour thankfully so I've got my two tires off on the side of the road and some guy comes turns around takes his truck and pushes me the rest of the way off the road and I was a little nervous about that. Call whoever the tow truck comes. I'm taking pictures of the tow truck. Taking my car away they take me down to point arena. I was on my way to that. Lighthouse also lighthouses and now. I'm stuck there for a week because I don't know if I can say this. But what does the industry in Humboldt county growing exactly so the town of point arena about five blocks long? The entire town is stoned. Looks like you can see smoke through the whole thing so he kept my car for a week. Never fixed it. Charge me a thousand dollars. Never fixed it he he had it towed to Healdsburg where his brother fixed it for another thousand dollars. That's another story anyway. So I put it up on facebook. The picture of my car being towed and one of my friends called and he said. I love point arena. You have to meet the Jam Lady. I said okay. Well I'll meet the family so I walk a mile down the road because I don't have a car turn right and there's a sign the Jam Lady. Her real name is Lisa Joa committees. She calls herself Jam Lady. She makes jam in point arena. Sends it all over the place? I went inches a full kitchen like that. One all stainless steel really professional. That we start talking Blah Blah Blah. She Says Yeah. I used to work for Barbara Tropic. China Moon Cafe and I said Oh my God I love her. She figured she'd Cook. My dinner sometime before I was like. Oh my God. This is amazing. She says I told her the Julia Child Story. Oh I forgot to tell you part of it. She wrote me a letter. She answered my little note that I had scrawled on a little tiny legal piece of paper. She wrote me a letter. Julia Child wrote Miller. I have evidence and so I read. I wrote back to her. She wrote me again. I still owe a letter. I don't know why I never finished that. So I'm telling this story to Lisa The lady. She says wait right here. Okay what's going on here? I mean this really weird place she disappeared. Disappears upstairs comes down with a box opens the box? She has a dozen flutes. Champagne flutes. Julius ninetieth birthday party she says you need. These gave me two of them. Doesn't that amazing I just went? I'm a total stranger and you she said we're not strangers. She said you have to have these. They have to be yours and size. Okay thank you thank you. We wrapped in very carefully. They got home even through the bumpy. Healdsburg thing and so then on her hundredth birthday. And I'm not sure what I think that was. I don't remember what year it was on her hundredth birthday. I was home from school that day. I think in August I was home legally and I cooked everything just all Julia Child and I called one of my friends. I said come on over. We use the Julia Child flutes. We had a little split of champagne. We toasted her. I put it all up on facebook. It was amazing and now it's so funny. I have those glasses there in my glass cabinet. But they're hidden in the back and my son in law was here in February and he went to reach for that to put for his champagne. I said Oh no look what that says on it. He says Julia Child's ninetieth birthday. I said you don't use those. You don't appreciate that. This is Julia Child. I mean come on so that is my Julia Child Story. I Love Her love her the day that she died. My daughter was about twenty. I think she called me just limit on her own. She called me says mom have really bad news. What does this in an accident? She says Julia died today and it was as if her her grandmother had. My mother had died. You know we were so cried on the phone and you know who's better than Julia Child

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