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Episode is All about perspective privilege. And how far we've come as collective outsiders here at outcast were always looking at ways to celebrate and shine. Light on our otherness. Do we ever take our progress for granted. Today we're GONNA take a closer look at those moments when you're suddenly reminded of that otherness. Even after years of feeling accepted loved and to start us off. Here's a clip of Gabe in deciding. Who's the guests? What do you think you are probably like nine? Think it changed when I started watching drag rates like watching drivers for the longest time. It was like this is so gay and then it was like wait. This is internalized homophobia and I started watching it rather just be more gay so much much much more find. You gave me a ninety. You gave me one nine. I X. I know what. It's like a fun nod to sports. Not like the actually following actually watches sports for five. That's not gay. Was that you guys nice so rude but it's all fun and Games but this idea of rating ourselves on a spectrum is really not that foreign in this generation. I read this incredible article that we're GONNA post in the show notes about your privilege score. The topic of privilege is buried. Twenty nineteen and. I'm hoping is not very twenty twenty but I'm fascinated about the idea of outcasts and how people would compare their otherness. One of my sayings are GonNa get mad at me about this. But I've always said just because people are starving in the world doesn't mean I have to enjoy hunger but I feel like that's a real condition. People are living with right now. The basic gist of the article. Though is that there is a framework of otherness with seven factors gender age sexual preference income mental and physical ability race and religion. If you're outside the majority in any of these criteria you're considered other but if you have an intersection of multiple factors you've really hit the Jackpot about this. What's more is that within? Each of these factors there in entire spectrum where a person might land for instance Personal finances has like an extreme range based on where you live geographically those things different experiences with you the issue that I have is. There's a negative result in this This class system of how outside the norm you are making some people feel not other enough for example in the video clip that we just shared with game in deciding. Who's the guest? It starts to become a class system within a minority group. So I thought it'd be a great thing for us to discuss for all of our outsiders who have lots of thoughts on this lay them. Honor lay them on you so I think it kind of boils down to US realizing I mean I've person realize yes. I'm a white gay man and the privileges real and using that said privilege to lift others up super important And knowing that that privilege exists while not exacerbating with that privilege is in my taking advantage of it or not taking him into it but like is we have to use it for good. Use Your privilege for good and when you try to do that or when. We've tried to that when I've tried do that. Sometimes it's it feels like a competition Because you know you're white gated you don't know what the plight of at my story is. Yeah you're right. We all have our own stories and we all have our own on things but it doesn't mean it makes our stories any less valid As far as otherness and I think that's kind of what you hit on is like we shouldn't be out other each other It should be you know we should celebrate each other's otherness As any sort of outsider. Or other I believe. There should be a unanimous sympathy regardless of where you are in the extremity of that spectrum. You need to help move the line forward for everyone you can't in Caitlyn. Jenner is a perfect example of someone who doesn't do this They have very specific views about trans rights but have counter- countering views about gay inclusion in traditions like marriage and so I always think that The privileged score is such a detriment because it starts to Put a roadblock for someone who is either more or less other the new depending on on on if the goal is extreme other Nassar if the goal is extreme inclusion. Yeah and I always try to use anytime. Someone approaches me about you know. I didn't think you said enough. I kind of use that as a learning moment in like what could I have done more? But it's there's always there always seems to be like a roadblock or at least a speed bump when it's like I'm trying to use my platform you know through the foundation throughout Wad to lift others because I feel and I think you'll feel a rising tide lifts all boats right so I If I can do something that lifts part of our community up it should lift all of our community up but people in the community. Don't some people in the community? Don't feel that way they feel like oh you're just trying to boost up the L. in the acronym or the B. In the acronym or the tea in acronym ignoring something else in a Mike. No because we're a collective queer folk and if we're elevating any of our folks were elevating everyone but I feel like there's a lot of criticism within our community because of this otherness. We don't feel seeing him we don't feel heard and I'm like yes I get that and we're trying to make sure that everyone feels seen in her. But the minute you attack someone who's trying to lift everyone up it. It really not sustainability instead of doing what made you think of the panel that you just hosted Soho House for inclusion in athletics and Sport Because it was really a great Sexual diversity on the stage but I know that you received a lot of negative feedback about racial representation but it was hard for me and I imagine it was impossible for you after all the work you poured into. Its here that because the panel was not about race representations or it was about Gender and Sexuality Representation in sport it can. Everything can't be everything all the time or it doesn't have appointed no in weekends the progress that we're striving. Yeah I mean in. Our community is literally a united colors of Benetton ad right every race. Every religion every every color of the rainbow every sexual identity in if I try to put together a panel of their represents all of us it would literally be a forty person panel. We'd be there for two and a half weeks and that was kind of it will be Super Fun. But you know it's it's it's hard because you were me. I want everyone to feel represented and I want to be able to do that but I think if you hone in on one specific thing will didn't do that or the foundation didn't do that in that one aspect you have to pull broad reach if you look back at all the things. We're doing all the things that are community does. Everyone is getting a piece of the the resistance. Migrelief raw fighting. I feel like there's a way to hear people out and understand why they're coming from like why they might have felt that way. Not just about that panel. But I'm saying more dinner. I think there's a way to hear people understand. Try to understand where they're coming from and recognize. Individuality and why representation matters and still like you said well. A rising tide lifts all boats. So if we can hear people out and understand their feelings and also I mean. I'm also thinking to just sitting here like we're all saying this as people that are not people of color I have no. I have no idea what that would feel like. I don't I don't want I hope people listening that maybe you are a person of color. I I hope it's not that we are trying to not listen to know. I know what you're saying but it frustrated me when we launched the PODCAST instagram. We received three messages that criticize that there were no hosts of color as a policy in my whole life. I always say don't suggest a change that you're not willing to make yourself if you are upset by our house and you're person of color volunteer to be a guest get involved. Raise your voice. We literally beg on every episode for people to provide feedback mentioned gas make connections for us so I think that will put together for Soho House was an inclusive panel that is asking for representation and stories and voices had the opportunity be lifted as opposed to pointing the finger in criticizing like that would have been a great opportunity to extend the conversation or host. Another one you know it can always be in the spirit of progress and I think that we are in this culture right now this where where everyone is trying to cancel or point out the negative and I have always been an optimist. Obviously coming from a place of privilege. I have to understand that. It's easier for me to be an optimist but I still believe that if people who are making negative comments actually spend the same amount of energy creating a second platform to further those stories. We would definitely benefit more than we do from the negative

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The Check Yourself Episode

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