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Bitcoin Goes BANG!


Doll Selling. Hi. I'm to be fair. I mean look the weekly was looking really nice on fraud and it was looking really good until will really be lost. Twenty four hours when it came hard and you know a saint a guy from ninety two hundred two. It to hundreds of thousands of big move And with down seven point six nine percent and I just hovering eighty two hundred seventeen dollars. So what does it mean? Well it means the rethink if he thinks this. Daily trend is firmly now. Dan Set a new low ally. And a dip pullback Bearish in Zion and the big full followed. So I've just on my skin and there's not a great deal on willing to short at the moment just because most of the moves had very very quickly and it's really extended itself timeframes so it's about being patient may at the moment going into the start of the kid some we're gonNA wipe for that shot structure to sort of give us what we need to be looking for good trades because a. I don't want to be trading when it's just straight fulling WANNA have opportunities in that requires pullbacks at records poses. A requires breakout levels that it needs to settle down a little bit before route before. I'm willing to sort of dive into A shorting it. There are some downtrends out there so there will be opportunities if this is to continue lower than no doubt in my mind that we will get opportunity. So it's about being patient for the time being at guy let's kick going so it's now down below Eddie. Two hundred as I speak with you between eight thousand two hundred now Still a lot of volatility. Rot Minute on the market there. Impetuous is at two hundred and seventy dollars and ninety three cents. It's down a wolfing twelve point. Five Percent Today. Very very strong for their a theorem Once again similar circumstance bitcoin in the rest of the market. Kind of as we know it does follow Everything else follows bitcoin to a certain extent especially against a stable coin like the US perpetual whatever you trading and we We had a lot of extension route now. Exiled phase eleven point eight percent at twenty cents and it has retested that twenty cent mob will just below it which was the catalyst for good move start of the year on the sixth of January. Brian Resistance levelness. Retested that on the way back down on account of back where we were at the start of the year excel pay. Bitcoin cash is at two hundred and seventy eight dollars and sixty five cents down fifteen point eight eight percent as we speak again. Another very drastic full that based vague bitcoin. Sv is down fourteen percent two hundred one dollars and eleven cents. And I'm just waiting to say as little list. I inform the fifteen minute. It's got a lot more work to do for me to be really willing to short it with some. It's definitely moving lot. Come on at fifty two dollars and forty one cents at has had that very strong pullback a good start the evidence being giving back in this downtrend since then since about was about midway through February started to come off out swirling truly come up from a bang up around a five dollar mock currently with e also had a big full fourteen point five percent at three dollars and eleven much the same as well. Levine sang across the rest of these markets. Right now needs to have that pullback bonnets well below twenty dollars off the reaching back above it agai loss waco at seventeen dollars and seventy cents down twelve point five six percent cow. Donald Down ten point seven. It's four point three cents. It's broken that support around four and a half cents that we were sort of hanging on For quite some time last week it has cleanly broken that to a new lower low in this downtrend ethereal classic another one. That's come off really down on the daily nor swings back into that cradles Continues to drop six dollars and sixty one cents down fifteen point three four percents around at the top timber. Tron and Tron is at one point five cents Dan non-point three four percent. One of the latest full is the only one is a matter of fact in the top ten Apart from bitcoin that is not in double digits down so it's been a pretty brutal weekend guys. It is definitely time to Be patient in miles. Be Very patient. Is this the end of the world But certainly there is a lot going on in this market I'd like to say de couple. The correlation with traditional markets to be but time will tell it might have to take a little bit long for this to kick in if we To see that kick in with that being said if a fantastic start to get across tried to.

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Bitcoin Goes BANG!

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