New York - Weinstein Falls At Rikers Island: Report


Well I'm sure you know this Adam because I found on TMZ but after EMC reported that Harvey Weinstein was getting special treatment in jail. He got new cellmates. He was all alone for a while. The gossip blog said on Friday. That the convict has been being kept isolated and under twenty four hour a day. Watch with an entire floor at rikers island. Like thirty bed infirmary. He's the only guy in their prison. Officials were allegedly concerned about him hurting himself and he did but on Sunday reported that. Weinstein was in a cell with two other prisoners and then he fell hit his head. Got a little bit of a concussion. the movie producer was transferred as we know from Bellevue to rikers and TMZ SOURCES. Say a twenty four hour. Security system is in place to monitor every one of his moves. Which includes you know surveillance cameras frequent ins by guards at night. He's moved to a cell with these two other dudes and he is sentenced. He's sentencing is set for Wednesday. He faces twenty nine years. But how did he get that concussion? How did he

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