Juventus 2-0 Inter Milan - Hosts go top in stadium empty because of coronavirus



Events is against into Milan. Went ahead today. In front of an empty stadium. It was surreal experience. But one. So you'd be comfortable in the by two goals to know I Ramsey scoring just after the break in the second half and a lovely go from powder Bala night at Uva to intern nail. That means now is you've ain't on nine points. Clear of INSA inferred they also leapfrog. Lancia back to top spot. This was weird when it boys just way to watch him. We understand why this has take place in this manner but for such a big game to have such a strange feeling as a spectator it was kind of difficult to renew is going to be odd. Given the conditions out of the game is going to be played under. I don't think we figured it'd be district and especially a game of this magnitude with these two clubs are going to be the two biggest clubs in Italian footba battling out for what may eventually be the title and it just. It felt empty literally lead the felt empty especially because into Milan. Who simply off-again listen. I thought the oddity of the game would plant and Tucson Skim the fact that dot its interim and they were simply over. They gave us nothing to give veggies nothing to be worried about nothing for anybody to cling a hot. There's going to be some kind of a title shelter. This event is by far the better. The two dominated an ungodly three points. And really not nothing really as the report and to give you an idea of how odd this was. It is so difficult to understand that every touch on the ball you could hear on the microphone. Every shot on target everything that was happening in the field. You can actually here which is not something that we're used to and whenever there was shot on goal you're expecting some sort of reaction from my crowd that was never there and it's almost as if oh that was a goal scoring opportunity but nobody cares. Nobody cares because nobody there. I would also say it's interesting for me that Saturday. He has a difficult time. Putting out. Deroga- you Wayne and renown out on the field at the same time. When he does seem to work well together sometimes eight Wayne dropping underneath which is not a natural for him but he does at times and then it just goes to the wide area and then he receives the bowl there. And there's rotation on Rondo has freedom to go wherever he wants to. And it seems to work well indications that he has used. I'm not sure as to why he won't commit himself to try to do this more consistent because a team that struggles to create opportunities today we saw from development. That's taking Gol- shows you. How special player. He can be hasn't always been this and doesn't always show this but it's not only the finish is the first that then could where he gets around actually young and then on the one to once it gets into a position where he plays in the ball once again. National Young has an opportunity to make a tackle and he cuts back to the outside and finishes the way that he did. You have to say to yourself. This guy can be useful to you. Not just twenty minutes at a time but ninety minutes at a time but it doesn't always happen for him. It doesn't always happen for Saturday. Let's bring democracy into the conversation. Got Into Milan. Be So disappointed that they didn't really put up a fight today. Yeah undeniably they will be and you know you talk about the put up a fight you can look at it on a binary way what's going to where either they do. What what he says he wants to do. When the aggressive and pressing midfield work hard? They didn't do that or the other thing you could do is. Hey how about you put the guys out there who can actually pass and create I e Christian Erickson and again we see this guy. Come off the bench. And he doesn't give the impression that he is a Colin type player which then begs the question of. Why did you spend all this money on him? He's supposed to give you something different. He could have done something. Possibly if you've figured out a way to to go and play him but I also think we have to give credit to you both games against enter this season. They played really really well have not played well for much of this season but they really raise their game when it mattered was exceptional on. Lukaku and Saturday to give him some credit. I know that alley would love it. If you've got more deba- by I thought dropping Jansher Benton core was was a big call and and one that really paid off as well and we saw what this you've in midfield theoretically could be and hasn't been for much of the season I mean surround. The title race gone. Well I mean they have a game to make up then becomes six points and then but they still have to go win it. I wouldn't write them off completely at this stage but there's no question that their chances of a trunk down

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