In Daegu, Coronavirus Leaves City A 'Shadow Of Its Usual Bustling Self'


South Korea's fourth largest city Daegu is the main battlefield for the country's fight against the new coronavirus the city accounts for about three quarters of the country's roughly seven thousand cases centers Anthony kun reports from Seoul the explosion of cases as overwhelmed the city's hospitals forced medical authorities to change their tactics the city of Daegu about a hundred and fifty miles southeast of Seoul has long been an industrial center in transport hub but lately the city of two and a half million has become a shadow of its usual bustling self cert dental ten on the lights on and it actually looks like a scene from the disaster movie Dr E. joon yup is communications director for the day go medical association couldn't handle all streets are empty restaurants and shops are closed and people stock up on instant noodles not because other foods are in short supply but because they want to avoid going out on February eighteenth the sixty one year old woman was confirmed as day goes first corona virus case investigators believe he came into contact with over eleven hundred people most our fellow members of the shin Chung G. church of Jesus a religious group which accounts for most of the cases indigo Dr Trey Song hole of Geelong University College of medicine and soul explains one reason why the virus spread so quickly your honor and compassion my genital people to please virus symptoms are mild in the early even though viral transmission hi patients may not realize that are infected and so they go about their everyday lives Aegion Europe says it first there was just a trickle of patients indigo hospitals were able to care for them it was a C. telling it to push it on to me Daegu city policy at first was to put every patient in a negative pressure room regardless of the severity of their symptoms negative pressure rooms isolate infected patients by preventing contaminated air from escaping the room people who came into contact with an infected person Dr E. explains were quarantined in public hospitals or other facilities right when they will seek that which he has all it wasn't a mistake but the city didn't expect the number of patients to grow so fast in other words a lack of proper triaging left the hospital system clogged with patients with mild symptoms as of Friday some eighteen hundred patients are almost forty percent of day goes total we're at home awaiting hospital beds to have already died waiting doctors say they must now deal with a new chapter in the epidemic Kim Jong garb president of the Korean association of public health doctors says he's seeing a shift in tactics from trying to contain and traced the virus to trying to mitigate its impact and prevent deaths twenty one twenty with unknown could consult upon all since last Saturday I've seen government efforts to securing more hospital beds and building a triaging system this is still going on critics who say the government has been a step behind in shifting to a mitigation strategy do have a point trace on host says that the next logical step in containing the epidemic could be a difficult one table one manhunt under so you don't get hurt I believe the surest way is to stop people's activities and movements and I personally suspect that the government understands this and wants to impose stricter limits on social activities but a domestic travel ban could be politically unpopular and so far soul hasn't even suggested one as for debut it remains unclear when case numbers there will peak and then begin to

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