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Okay just turn the motor all and I've got the recorder up to my ear. It's Monday march thirtieth in the dirt. Lot of old restaurant and Zolfo Springs Florida where we like to stop on. Us Seventeen our next episode episode four errors in two days. And it's a personal favorite of mine but for now we just wanted to give you a An update on how things are looking out here. So since last time we've checked and things have changed a little for me Denise is riding with me now so we're quarantining together. We loaded in Indiana and pass through Louisville on Saturday and we always measure spring by health. Farther Red Buds have made it and read. Buds were fully in Bloom and Louisville. And I thought this would have been the weekend for the mid American trucking show and I looked down at the Convention Center. There to to our right there was just like an ocean of Kroger Trailers Kroger course nations biggest grosser presumably there with the relief effort. The tremendous push to restock the supermarkets across the nation and it was It was just a beautiful spring day and you just see the sea of grey so this week we wanted to hear from some other truckers on what they're seeing out there over the road and we put the call out on overdrive magazine and these are some of the voices we heard from. I mean it was going across the bridge. Gw Bridge out at eight o'clock on a Thursday morning. Last week was literally no traffic. I mean nothing. came down yesterday to the board in town where? I'm at right now and nature winning in the middle of ours where there was. Nobody inside grabbed a shower. My hands look like Been digging fence posts. Because I've been cleaning them so much with simple green and an clorox wipes because they can't find anything else you know. This is Mark Lynnwood. Arkansas one thing. I have definitely noticed in West Memphis. Arkansas there's a petro. Don't stop and last Saturday at two. Am there were parking spaces available at that truck stop? I haven't seen to him parking truckstop in five years so yeah it is definitely slow things down. You know it'd be safe out there but there's been very weird You know picking up emergency relief supplies and you know. They didn't want the driver getting out of the truck at all. The bills would be put back in the back of the trailer. They had somebody outside. Opening your doors for you slotting. Your tantrums can't even get in and get a vending machine anymore and then on top of all that you know you have these truck stops arrest as I don't know how to handle everything. So they're shutting the the restaurant down by eight or nine o'clock at night forgetting that there's driver driving at two o'clock in the morning. So what's he gonNA eat for lunch? This jeff car from Johnny Wisconsin on the company drive for paper transport and I want to say thanks to other people who support us on the road from the people that green to showers or the people that bring us coffee during this crap but The latest story of the hate for my snack at the loves in menominee Wisconsin. And it wouldn't take my money because somebody had dropped off donation to pay for food. So thank you ever did this. And Um thanks everybody keeps US rolling during this stock. Thank you special. Thanks to Jaffa Mark. Who called us with their thoughts and also to Ingrid Brown trucking that produce up to Hans Point. God bless you and Jason Miller who we caught up with and West Virginia. Okay so I gotta run. I'm I'm on my fourteen and my half hour break up. I've gotTA grab alluded juice bound for Ohio. But in the meantime take care of one. We'll see on Thursday.

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