Michael Jordan series on ESPN, 'The Last Dance,' moved up


At home the Michael Jordan documentary the last dance premiered last night K. Y. WCVB has a look at what the buzz is all about fans were hoping the ten part docu series could be a substitute for live games in the first two episodes got excellent reviews the documentaries about Michael Jordan's last season in Chicago in the stories attach that championship the last dance was originally supposed to premiere in June but was moved up after sports league shut down due to the pandemic the executive producer of the features Philadelphia native Mike Tollin who told W. I. P. last week doing this for forty plus years and I've never been involved in a production with this level of anticipate Sunday night fans and players were tweeting about the feature is if it were a game seventy Sixers forward Tobias Harris was wondering if ESPN could air more episodes last night after the first two went on Magic Johnson called it fantastic we don't know when sporting events are coming back but in the meantime fans will be able to watch this docu series every week Dave uran KYW

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